Why are tv shows having Blagojevich on for a publicity tour?

This is freaking ridiculous. The guy is a total scumbag and he’s out there “JETTING” around crying about how unfair this is to him. And not only that, the people interviewing him are not nearly antagonistic enough. Nearly “identifying” with his plight.

What is wrong with our media? If I had him on the air, it’d only be so I could tell him face-to-face what a crook he is and I hope he spends his jail-time with a angry hair-transplant inmate named Bubba.

The focus was an Illinois horse track operator whose industry stood to benefit from a bill on Blagojevich’s desk.

The governor was prepared to sign it, but he first sent emissaries to demand a $100,000 political contribution.

Blagojevich is boycotting the trial, jetting instead to New York for a blizzard of television interviews in which he contends he is being treated unfairly.

The final taped conversation about the racetrack bill was made on Dec. 4, five days before Blagojevich’s arrest on public corruption charges. He later signed the bill, which routed casino receipts to the ailing horse racing industry.

Think of it as the Ann Coulter syndrome.

You get more eyeballs with bad guys and crazies than you do with the honest and efficient paragons of public service.

He’s pretty funny for a sociopath.

It gave some AP writer the opportunity to headline with: blah-blah-Blagojevich. Frankly, that’s worth it!

He’ll be on Rachel Maddow tonight. I feel like she’ll at least have some good questions for him rather than the usual lob, smile, and nod he’s getting everywhere else.

Yeah - and he should be pressing the issue that Brad Pitt got nominated for an acting Oscar but he did not.

I’m betting that he arranged ahead of time which questions would be asked. And the media agreed because he’ll bring in ratings even if they do nothing but lob the agreed-upon softballs to him.

I find him immensely entertaining. Like Keith O said, “he’s the best at…SOMETHING.” Can he hold press conferences from prison?

Hey may have locked in a guilty after Maddow.

The more I hear him talk, the more I realize that we need more people like him in the public eye. He’s a total sociopath and ravingly incompetent about it. It’s an awesome combination.

Nothing is wrong with our media. They are doing what they are supposed to do, get you to watch the Carl’s Jr commercials. If you think particularly tv is about more than that, you are sadly mistaken.

He’s about to address the Illinois Senate. Looks like CNN, FOX and MSNBC are all showing it live. They even gave us some “OJ in the white Bronco” helicopter coverage of him driving there. If nothing else, this should be entertaining.

He’s been going twenty minutes without pausing to breathe. He occasionally glances down at notes, but this is not a prepared speech. He may be saying nothing but lies, I don’t know IL politics, but this is one impressive riff.

I can pretty much guarantee that most of what he’s saying is a lie.

He’ll have plenty of time to do more TV shows, as he just got removed from office it seems…

Blagojevich is part of a major news story so it shouldn’t be surprising that the media wants to have him on to talk about. There’s also the whole “innocent until proven guilty” thing we supposedly still believe in that says he has a right to state his side of things. To the degree that an accused person may try to manipulate the public through the media is simply a price we pay for letting the media talk about this stuff.

He was given an opportunity to state his side of things, and he blew it off. He just didn’t show up. So picture me playing the world’s smallest violin in sympathy for Mr. “They didn’t give me a chance to speak in my own defense” Blagojevich. I mean, seriously–if I were charged with a crime and refused to show up for my trial, do you think the judge would say 'Well, we can’t convict him unless he tells his side of things, and he’s not talking, so case dismissed!" Because I’m pretty sure that’s not how it would go down.

Ben, I thought he did show up at the impeachment hearings at the last minute to give a crazy, impassioned defense.

Wow, it’s just sinking in that he’s gone. I’m going to miss that crazy motherfucker.

It wasn’t a legal defense, it was a speech. He did it that way so that he couldn’t be questions or cross-examined or anything.

He was like a real-life character from The Wire.

Come to think of it, I’d love to see an HBO show about a fictional version of him.