Why can't I flip fried eggs like a fry cook?

Interesting, I’d have thought it would be the opposite, but I’m going to do this!

LOL :)

I honestly don’t know that it is the initial sizzle. One general cooking tip is that people often check on food too soon. It’s not necessarily the initial sizzle caused by high heat as it is the bottom side of something getting cooked that causes the food to “release” (which is the actual term that is used).

It’s the same thing with burgers, for example. If you keep checking the thing every 30 seconds after you put it down, the still raw/uncooked meat sticks. If you check it after 3-4 minutes, the meat has cooked, and the burger releases. You don’t have to have it screaming hot for this to happen, you just have to give it time to cook.

I cook my eggs over medium heat, and have never had a problem with them sticking, except in the past when I used to check them too early.

Very important tip. +1.

There’s a science to this for sure! I just haven’t read any of it, so this is all just what works for me with my setup. Different pans, different stoves, different types of oils, there are lots of variables at play but I seem to have hit upon something that works for me. But yeah, if I don’t get a sizzle (I mean it doesn’t have to explode and spit oil everywhere, just a small szzz) then I know I may as well turn it into scrambled egg!

Taking it off too early is definitely a big mistake; I learned that some time ago when doing pancakes. But this felt like a boss fight in Dark Souls where I eventually figured out a technique that worked through the cleansing fires of failure. Tortured analogy, I know.

Haha! This was (and still sometimes is) me as I chase the dream of being able to crack two eggs open at once. Not joking, I still think it’s just a lifelong dream at this point.

I think we all go through these little things. I remember learning how to do the one-handed egg crack and open thing because it just looks so much cooler than doing it with two hands.

I’ve been doing the one handed thing for a long time now. The only issue is eggshell bits in the eggs if you rush it. Always crack eggs on a flat surface and you should be good. One or two hands.

I think I tried the one-handed thing once years ago, and decided there and then never to try it again. Then last month my wife nonchalantly cracks three eggs in a row one-handed, and my jaw is open. Ok, show me how, Jedi Master. And she did, and I did it successfully. Twice! Then the third one I dumped the entire eggshell into the pan. I vowed then to practice in complete isolation. Even the dog gave me a Disney head-tilt when I screwed it up.

I used to be able to do that with both hands. It was just showing off and prone to spectacular failures, but I still do the 1-handed 1 egg all the time. Here in the land of Salmonella-infested chicken it is convenient to have one hand free to touch something else while still cracking eggs.

Yes, that’s why I started doing it as well. There’s a number of things in the kitchen where getting used to keeping a clean hand can help avoid cross contamination.

I actually did a video of flipping an egg for over easy this morning. Of course the egg flip worked perfectly, but the camera I was holding with my other hand went to the left while I did it. :)

If you like soft whites and folks, Pan fry egg then when almost done add an ounce or two water.

Makes it easier to flip and water is a temperature regulator. Make sure core of egg doesn’t go super critical.

“Why can’t I hit fastballs like a major league hitter?”

I have that part down. The one-handed separation of egg from shell I fumble through, then look down and I f’d it up and have to make a last minute scramble in the pan because the yolk is broken.

I’ve watched way too many videos. Seriously. And I still mess it up. I’ve watched a short order cook do it though, don’t do that. For one, they do it so fast you’re just left dumbfounded. But they also make it look so easy that you can’t quite pick up just how hard it is to master.

@gruntled that video uses a semi-nono here in the US. I mean we all do it, but -supposedly- in increases the risk of salmonella. Like we’re really worried about that, half asleep, just trying to get breakfast made while low on caffeine. Object broken shells are more prone to getting shell into the egg. Again, supposedly. I’ve watched so many damned videos trying to master the flat surface break that I think people are just making up food rules so they look more cool.

I do try to crack on the countertop. Mostly. I don’t care for over-easy eggs, though, so the egg itself should be sterilized by the time I eat it.

I don’t recall much of a learning curve on the one-handed egg, it seems like a fairly natural motion to me. Unlike the one-handed deck cut, which I worked on a lot way back when. Whenever I try to trot that out I succeed only in making it look not at all worth the trouble.

The trick to making amazing fried eggs is to have a recipe that is still A++ delicious even when you fuck up the flip.

For me, that’s a tbsp of olive oil warmed in a medium-heat pan. Crack the eggs in. Sea salt and red pepper flakes on top of the eggs. Start the pumpernickel in the toaster. Fuck, forgot to scoop yesterday’s grounds out of the French press.

Shit. Are the eggs ready? No. Cool. Rinse the press. Fuck, water, right. Fill and fire the electric kettle. ASS.

Eggs are getting crispy. Flip and kill the heat – cast iron holds more than enough. Fucking asshole yolk, fuck you, I didn’t like you anyway.

Whatever. Toast out. Butter it. Plate. Slap all that shit on there. Water’s ready. Pour over the – goddammit, four scoops in the press first – pour the water up to the sticker on the press.

Great. Fork. Plate to the table.

Kill the podcast; it sounds like shit from the kitchen speaker. Who’s been an asshole on Qt3 since last night? OH WHAT A SURPRISE.

Oh damn, these eggs* are perfect.

/* Half-burned on one side. One yolk is totally cooked through after leaking across the whole damn skillet. Other one isn’t too bad. Edges are straight brown, gotta saw through them shits with the fork. Delicious.

I always rinse the pan out first. Gets rid of any dust/dirt, but it also puts some drops of water on the non-stick surface.

Put it over high heat. Wait for the water drops to evaporate. Then I add olive oil and let it heat up for about a minute.

Crack the eggs on the rim and drop them in. Let them cook for about 45 seconds to a minute.

Fiip’ em over. The trick here is to let them fry for about half the length of the bottom side. So about 30-45 seconds.

It’s not a fancy dish or a fancy picture (pulled it off my phone from a few weeks back), but I love eggs in a basket. Cut out a circle in bread, heat salted butter (or duck fat) in a pan on medium heat, put bread in, crack egg into center, flip when brown, remove when other side is golden delicious. Yolks will still be runny.

Wtf, you live in a cartoon?