Why cords got to go

This isn’t nearly as bad as it was a couple weeks ago. That tangle took me at least 30 minutes to undo. This one was more like 15 minutes.


Did Cathcart do that?

No… my kids did.


From the looks of things, getting rid of cords is going to take half the fun out of games for your kids.

Not to mention the coaxial, RCA, composite, s-video, componet, optical, power, extension and lan cables that I keep in a box next to my controllers. It’s even worse.

Instead you’ll have 9 chargers, or 18 AA batteries. Or you can charge on the console, which includes a cable and defeats the purpose.


Is that astroturf?

Forest Green carpet. It was here when we moved in.


The only thing missing is the cord for the vacuum. :lol:

I love forest green carpet. Reminds me of being in a moss-covered forest… without the allergies :lol:

What in the hell do you still play with two DC controllers?

Can’t assume that the DC was being played at all, kids just like getting stuff out. Cords would be tolerable if I was childless, but that’s very much not the case. I can afford AA’s.

Nevermind the Dreamcast, what about the NES controller?

It’s a commonly held belief in some parts of the world (and the American south, as I understand) that, left alone for any extended period of time, cords of any time will call upon some ancient and arcane force (possibly something Quantum, even) in order to reconfigure their straight and exact lines into an intensely twisted conundrum that could only be rivaled by the fabled Gordian Knot both in configuration and in eventual solution.


There’s far more entropy involved in being tangled up with one another than all straightened out and neat. They’re simply invoking the laws of Thermodynamics. Cord tangling, it would seem, is not a microscopically reversible process, so with no external forces they can’t help but become more tangled over time.

That (minus the controllers sticking out at the end) actually looks like a really good visual demonstration of why polymers are such a mess to try to figure out. I like it. :)

You need to vacuum more.

What, are you kidding? Are you dissing what is perhaps the most underrated gaming system in history? Lets see, Street Fighter 3rd Strike, Power Stone 1/2, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Soul Caliber (I still play it even though I have SC 2 for xbox), Hydro Thunder, 4 Wheel Thunder, Gauntlet Legends (the best version ever made), Sonic 2…I could name at least another 15 if you ask me to.

This is so true, I have seen evidence of thus mystical force many times. Chistmass lights are a prime example. You take them down, coil them neatly as you can, carefully place them in a box, and one year later whne you open the box, you have goridan’s knot.

Actually, I was about to commend him on obviously keeping the house pretty neat and clean, considering that there are young kids who run the place and clearly frustrate all efforts. Nice goin’, esse!

San Francisco Rush 2049, Sega Rally 2, Sega GT, Fatal Fury, Tennis 2k2, Chu Chu Rocket, Test Drive Le Mans, Ooga Booga, Tech Romancer, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Daytona 2001, Ferrari F355, Armada, King of Fighters Something or Other. Lot of racing games in that list but Dave plays a lot of racing games and the DC was a good system for them. The Gamecube is probably the only system better than the DS for same room multiplayer.