Why Dead Rising 3 is the worst Dead Rising

Different horses for different courses..... I can't agree with a lot of these criticisms, I loved it

I can't really disagree with any of the criticism but I still like it. :-) Even pre-ordered the pc-version on Steam.

Funny, we yell things like that at my house all the time! Don't own a Kinect though.

about the lockers, the items dont respawn like in the first and second game, furthermore you act like you can just take 2000 items at once. It needs resource points wich generate very slowly over time. to get a combo weapon you need twice the amount of points and to get super combo weapons you need twice the amount of points the normal combo weapons cost.

I just finished this game and couldn't quite pinpoint why I didn't love this game. I then went online and searched for negative reviews of Dead Rising 3 and came across this review. You did an excellent job Tom articulating some of the problems with the game and helped to explain why I didn't love this game, but only 2 stars seems a little harsh. I believe that Metacritic interprets this as 40%- which is really bad.

I literally feel the exact same as you Mitchell Davis. I just watched Totalbiscuit talk about Dead Rising 3 for the PC and it got me thinking about DR 3 again. I bought the Xbox One almost exclusively for DR 3 when the Xbone came out. And thats because i FUCKING LOVED Dead Rising 1 and 2. To me the original was a game i seriously fucking dreamed about. Having an open world where I just pieced my way through hordes of zombies where death was moments and humans were a threat and i had to scrap together what i could from my environment. I pictured a more serious game initially but after playing Dead Rising 1 i fell in fucking love with its style and humor as much as anything else. Dead Rising 2 was to me an almost perfect follow up and expanded where it needed to but not too much.

So when i played DR 3... i found myself having fun... at first. Then it seemed as if something was off but through the entire game, multiple playthroughs, i couldn't place my finger on what it was. It was like Dead Rising without its heart and this review literally put what i felt into words. The challenge was gone, the humor a shell of itself, the boss fights were more miss than hit, the combo weapons seemed OP/easy to get and by level 20 i felt invincible, everything was off. You can almost break the game with the right skills unlocked in DR3 when in 1 and 2 you couldn't control it and nothing you ever got made you overly powerful until your health got near to maximum which didn't happen till at least 2 or 3 playthroughs. By then it was rewarding, you earned it, in Dead Rising 3 theres little risk and little reward. Its literally as he said you just find the combo weapon(s) you enjoy, kill zombies, repeat. And you literally wouldn't need to find any of the other ones, theres no need to search after that. Oh you can but theres no reward to it because you hardly earn anything you don't already have and that's power and or powerful weapons. The cars i felt were interesting, and Combo cars could have been well done but some of them are just way overpowered again and you find yourself favoring them. The collectible's were weak, I completely miss the escort missions (something a lot of people hated but i loved), and the new missions are fuck all and pointless.

All in all there's just was no reward for me from playing Dead Rising 3 and in my opinion it was the weakest in the entry. It was the worst game ever but for a DR game it felt like a shell of itself. It's literally as if Capcom, a company i fucking loathe for what's happened to Resident Evil and for their underhanded, anti-consumer business practices, just seemed to be going for a different audience on this one. This is admittedly one of the last franchises from Capcom i still like, and it honest to god happens to be one of my favorite video game series of all time. But they are going in the wrong direction and it has me heart broken because if this is what Dead Rising will be from now on... it'll end up just like Resident Evil... something it wasn't supposed to be. With all that said... I STILL ENJOYED THIS GAME A LOT!!!

But maybe, just maybe saying where they went astray will help more than if i just swallow my tongue and don't say a word. REALIZE YOUR FUCKING MISTAKES CAPCOM... (asking for a miracle here)

in the 3rd paragraph i mean't to say "it WASN'T the worst game ever". This site wont let me edit my post.

Im assuming that you got dead rising 3 reaaaly late bud Dead rising one on cars were like playing a rail shooter but you could move forward by yourself dead rising 2 was the sell out dead rising that made it on multiple platforms dead rising 2 was to easy dead rising 3 was harder if anything should be said with dead rising 2 was the worst i liked off the record just not 2 where u can kill a boss by kicking them once but out of the bosses I hated 3 the most the escort missions are easy because the fans yes the same ppl complaining about this and the timer were asking for it but I have 1000 all 4 games and 200-400-160-500 the dlc on achievements in my opinion I believe you only tried it on your friends Xbox which didn't have a kinect which if you didn't know Xbox was only selling Xbox ones with kinect on launch and ryse forza dead rising and ac black flag has kinect features it wasnt until ppl started to complain that they switched it if u want to do a review on a game actually play it otherwise go back to playing only 3rd party games on ps4 that get slowed down by last gen

Yes the weapons Are to easy to get thet could have made it so you only get let say 20 weapons from each locker per game Or maybe Pay for it for money you earn in the game. i really miss that you can make money so you can Pay looters for car Keys and Weapons and compo Weapons. The last Thing is To easy to get to lever 50 in This game. But All in All it is a good game and I think it is a 6,5 out og 10 game.

Yes it is to easy to get weapons in this game. I think they should have had money in This game so we could Pay looters for car Keys weapons and compo Weapons. Or they could made Each weapons locker cotain a Max 20 weapons per game. But All in All it is a great game. 6,5 Or 7 out of 10 after my opinion.

First off, your just ranting because the game isn't as "realistic" as you'd like... (Probably not your initial intentions, but it all comes down to that, just read it) has any of the dead rising games been based on realism? I mean come on! There's fucking zombies, how realistic is that? This game is basically popular off of the zombie killing so duh they'd want you to get to the killin without the hassle! And none of the dead rising games were considered a survival horror so why the fuck do you think this one is going to be? Dead rising is all about the thrill of the kill other than the story line... See people like you is why most games have an unfair rating because you obviously don't know how to properly review a game.

Dude, I just bought this game on sale from Steam recently and as a fan of the series my only gripe was how bad the frame rate can drop when moving the camera a lot. Other than that I don't see one thing in your review that couldn't be remedied by you simply choosing not to take advantage of the safety net features designed to help casuals get through the game easier. It's easily still a fun experience and I don't expect a zombie story to go anywhere meaningful. You just sound mad cause the humor offends you when it's just meant to be whacky in a "wow I can't believe they made that character lol" kinda way.

Maybe your lot is an inability to realize the game isn't taylored specifically to your tastes only. The game you want to play is in there, you just need to know what features aren't meant for you.

agreed. but the internet gives everyone a voice and apparently everyone uses that voice to bitch about pointless crap. lol it would be less of a headache for people like him to just trade it in and be done with it.

You don't have to use all the 'shortcuts' in the game. It's entirely player choice. This is hate for the sake of hating.

It's really not. you don't have to use the shortcuts, but that doesn't make the game any harder. I didn't die a single time, i didnt even come close to dying a single time throughout the entire game. I managed to complete every side quest, rescue every survivor and max out my skills very easily and with little effort. It's fun enough if you just want a mindless zombie killer, but it definitely doesn't live up to it's predecessors. It's a good game, it's just not a good dead rising.

On a side note, the lack of Frank and overall humor was a letdown as well. Felt like some of the sillier psychopaths were only put in because of the Title.

So first it never had a horror aspect in 2 so it seems more like a problem for 2 even tho they never were scary in the first place second the locker is good but its just like the run button the thing doesn't tell you if you skip tutorials and looking up recipes make better killing machines like the ultimate reaper witch is better but the problem is you really don't seem like a fan of the franchise not the game the game can be serious in all of them but in 2 and 3 it just isn't because you have coop say play more than 15 minutes of the game because that's what you did play like 2 hours and then this will be a real review

This game is a really great Dead Rising game. Wth are you talking about? Survival Horror??? No no no go back to playing Resident Evil if you want that stuff. I had fun with the game. No one really plays a zombie game for the story dude…

Welcome Matt_Box. And right on. I had a great time with Dead Rising 3 too. But just like the others, I played it until it got too hard for me, and I kept dying over and over and stopped making much progress. Tom mentioned there being certain rooms all over the place that helped you do this and that and the other thing, but I never found those, which is probably why the game got too hard for me eventually.

Oh those rooms in DR2 that have those Red doors to combine weapons together

Yeah, I just read Tom’s review again, the safehouses he’s talking about that apparently give you infinite weapons and resources. I only found one of those early on, and then I moved on from that area and never found another one, so I was always scrounging for weapons and would eventually die.