Why did you hate Titanic?

I really disliked all of Titanic before (SPOILER ALERT!1!1!!!) the ship started to sink. Once that happens, it actually becomes an interesting spectacle with some powerful moments. But then it dives back into the suck when Leo and Kate are in the water and they spend exactly 4 seconds trying to both get on the floating wood. At least attempt to try once to get it to work instead of just being a convenient way to get the three hanky (in the crying sense) ending.

Also, having the modern day stuff also felt like a mistake.

I hate it without seeing it. I don’t feel guilty about this because the hype was entirely out of control. titanic, this titanic that, it was all you could hear about. And then the Dicaprio pining from every girl in the office. Dicaprio this dicaprio that. After a while, I just got so tired about the whole thing I blacklisted it forever. Until I somehow got stuck in front of a tv and it was playing on cable, and I watched much of the sinking/people falling into the ocean stuff, pretty neat. But for fuck’s sake relax on the goddam marketing, I can’t stand it.


I personally liked Gloria Stuart’s interludes. Actually in the movie’s alternate ending on the special edition DVD, you can see that Cameron kinda agrees on not overstating the modern day stuff because he cut a large chunk of the ending before and after old Rose throws the diamond in the sea. Prior to that there was a sort of BBQ and party on the ship, and when Lizzy and the captain see old Rose getting up on the railing they think she’s committing suicide. When they get to her she shows them the diamond and lets the captain hold on to the diamond before she slowly takes it away and throws it in the water. The fact that he lets her throw it out was basically an in your face explanation of the moral that true worth isn’t material, which I find kind of retarded that they even contemplated throwing it out to the audience so explicitly. I’m glad they abandoned it and cut out all that crap and stuck to just Rose throwing away the diamond.

God I hate that old bitch. “Life is more important than things, so I’ll force my grandkids to work fast food jobs to put themselves through college.”

Cameron is much better when his characters ARE aliens and robots.

I loved Titanic, saw it twice in the theatres (unusual for me), and had it on VHS, now on DVD. Can’t wait for the sequel.


This was summed up perfectly on Seinfeld:

George: “So that old woman, she was just a liar?”

Jerry: “And a bit of tramp, if you ask me.”

Titanic in 10 minutes

Just about the perfect length for me.

That WAS fantastic. I was waiting for the part where he climbs the Empire State Building and roared at the Choppers chasing him.

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I’ll tell you why I hated it: Because it was the most trite, 2-dimentional story that lasted 3 hours too long. I liked the authentic parts for historical information but the plot I could’ve done completely without.

Actually, there were two reasons I loved this movie. Two beautiful, beautiful…is anyone else hungry for melon?