Why Didn't Someone Tell Me I Was Doing It Wrong?


What were you doing wrong with the steak cooking and what do you do now?


I’ve gone from cooking it on the grill for x minutes per side to searing it in a very hot pan with a little butter or oil and finishing it in the oven. Also I finally developed the self-control to let it rest for several minutes after.

In other news I recently learned the pronunciation of “meme”, which I had been convinced was either “mee-mee”, or, worse “meh-may”.


I pronounced vegan “vaygan” until like, last year. Finally met a vegan that wasn’t sitting on a platter roasted with horseradish sauce, and she corrected me.


Not to mention the things that the rest of the world does wrong, but I do right. Hmph.

Jraphics Interchange Format, anyone?


Computer Giraffics


… lovingly known as reverse sear. It’s a great way to hit exact temps. I tend to do a bit of everything: sometimes on the grill with 30 sec flips, sometimes reverse sear, sometimes sous vide and sear in a skillet, etc.

I like to finish steak with a pat of herb butter. So flipping good. What’s the secret with microwave popcorn? You must share.


Being 43 years old and not knowing about the snipping tool in Windows for 42 of those years is what comes to mind.


Why, finishing it with a pat of herb butter, of course.


Definitely going to try this next time I eat a banana! Not that I have ever encountered any problems when opening it from the top though…

And sorry for the double post. Phone would not allow reply + quote for some reason…


TBH this is the real secret to all the commonly “done wrong” stuff. Which way do you wipe? Doesn’t matter, so long as you finish with a pat of herb butter.


Are we not men?


The secret to microwave popcorn is not to microwave popcorn. The microwave doesn’t do a great job. Air popped popcorn sucks too. What you want is a stovetop whirley-pop. It’s faster than the microwave, the kernels have a much better texture, and you get almost zero unpopped kernels.


I washed my jeans every time I wore them for years before realizing that’s not ideal. There are still debates about exactly how frequently you should wash them, but it’s definitely not “every time”.



Required response:


My wife has one of these and she loves it, but I refuse to wash it after she’s done with it - talk about the toughest dish in the house to get clean. So she’s on the hook when she uses it to clean and store it. :)


Yeah, stovetop popcorn is so much better. Popped in a little oil, no butter is needed.

For those that insist, make sure to clarify the butter to evaporate all the water. If you just melt butter and pour it on it will make the popcorn shrivel from the moisture.

I like the actual popcorn salt they sell made with msg that has a fine texture.


cooling mint?


I clean mine with just a rinse of warm water. They are such awesome popcorn poppers.

Flavacol :)


Yeah, mine isn’t a problem to clean at all. I use olive oil, but supposedly coconut oil is the way to go. I’m not some psycho buying special oil just for popcorn!

I mean, I did buy special Flavocol just for popcorn, and special powdered cheddar just for popcorn. And special asian-inflected toppings from Hawaii grossly overpriced on Amazon for popcorn. But not special oil! I’m no popcorn psycho!