Why Didn't Someone Tell Me I Was Doing It Wrong?


I’m just saying, you can get really good furikake, which that link basically is, way cheaper than that. . .



It has all kinds of stuff in the packet. The little japanese rice crackers, bonito flakes, and a bunch of kimchee seasoning. I could just mix that stuff up myself but this is convenient. And it does make seriously great popcorn.


Sounds like cough syrup that this guy would use.


It’s basically very fine salt with artificial butter flavor and artificial yellow food coloring. It is exactly the flavor you get in movie theaters.


Flava-Flavacol. Let’s register that trademark and roll with it. Maybe the container should be shaped like a clock?

Just a quick warning for anyone that might want to order those. They are the size of a quart of milk. Not a pint, a quart. And it is very fine salt. You’ll use a teaspoon per 1/2 cup of un-popped corn, maybe. It stores well, but just know that it’s large and will last a looooong time.


Yeah, but it’s salt, it’s a rock. It will never go bad.


Not sure if this counts. I used to regularly get these little holes in a horizontal line near my belly button on my t-shirts. I assumed they developed from leaning against a counter with something corrosive on the edge that rubbed on my shirt. (Was I was a kid and rinsed dishes with bleach water this happened all the time.) A friendly co-worker one day, pointed at my shirt and asked if I used it to grip twist-off beer bottle caps to open them…


Rock will never die, bro!


I thought reverse sear was cooking it in the oven first and then finishing it by searing it in a pan on the stovetop? At least that’s what every website I looked at described it as when I decided to try that method recently (and it was marvelous).


If so then I’m certainly the one doing it wrong. I use it with both steak and chicken. Either way I still start with a sear, then finish in the oven.

So that makes me think … the heck is the name of THAT method?


Double reverse sear?


Pre-sear … then sear. Late-to-the-party sear. Sear McSearface.

Maybe roasted then seared?


Seari, cook my steak.


What do you cook it on (or in) pan-wise for the oven? and at what temp? I wanna do that this winter.


Use a cast iron skillet for searing and the skillet can go into the oven. We like it rare, so I put it at 450 for 5 minutes.


Really any skillet with a metal handle. I use a stainless-steel one myself.


The greatest cooking device ever. You can cook anything in it. And you don’t need to clean it. Did you hear me? YOU DON’T NEED TO CLEAN IT! Just wipe it out, and occasionally season it.

Sorry to shout. If you’re using a different pan, you’re doing it wrong.


Taking off & putting on button-down shirts (all I ever wear) by USING THE BUTTONS! After 48 years, my wife convinced me that simply leaving them buttoned when hung up and putting them on / off like pull-overs is SO much easier.

Lesson - sometimes doing what looks like the lazy and slovenly thing is really better than the OCD thing.



You should still unbutton everything when they are washed, though. Not doing so can cause weird creases around the buttons and make your buttons fall off faster.


Can someone tell me the best way to have unwrinkled shirts. Never learning how to iron was an easy way to rebel against my father, and now I’m 31 with a professional career and wrinkled shirts. I spend way too much on dry cleaners (who shatter my buttons), and I don’t have the time or inclination to learn how to iron.

I try putting them through the washer and then putting them in the dryer until they are dampish. Then I hang them, but they still either end up wrinkled or kind of wavish/warped with the collar points curling up.*

Wrinkle-free shirts are all lies and slander or I’m slimply buying the wrong kind of shirts.

*I have somewhat solved the curling points issue with these cool metal collar stays that a professional suit guy gave me when he conned me into giving him my business card by flirting with me at a Starbucks. Now he calls me every two weeks trying to set up a professional suit tailoring session.