Why do games with CD-keys have disc checking copy protection?

Honest question. It always seems to annoy me with no purpose that I can ascertain. Isn’t a cd check redundant if your customer has to put in a cd key?

Not all do. Dawn of War: Dark Crusade and Company of Heroes (both from Relic/THQ) don’t.

Because you could pass around the copy to friends if the CD wasn’t required. The CD-key isn’t checked unless you go online. They could require authentication every time you log in, like say, Guild Wars, and then not require the CD, but this isn’t the best idea for games with offline play.

If it’s multiplayer only, I guess. I think it was the Call of Duty games that let you play MP without the disc, but SP needed in the drive. I just crack all my games anyway, which is still annoying, but less so than fishing out the CD every time I want to play.

edit: yeah, what they said ^

Well, i tend to crack my stuff too, but with GPG being nazis about supreme commander, it’s recently been an issue.

I just wish they would put the CD Key on the friggin CD itself - that way I don’t have to keep cases laying in a drawer forever - or try to remember if the key is on the case or the manual. I suck for losing both, so now I have to keep a spreadsheet.

Really, fuck 'em for not putting it ON THE CD.

I have an excel file which stores all my cd-keys. That way, when I reinstall all my shit after a format or upgrade or what-have-you, all I have to do is copy and paste them into the installer.

This is either brilliant or creepy.

A little from column a, a little from column b.