Why do girls make V signs in photos?

This must be a new thing. Everywhere I turn, girls are making V signs in their photos. It’s not just photos of themselves either: someone took a picture of me last night, and at the last second, some girl stuck her V fingers in front of my face.

What’s with this meme? Where does it come from? What does it mean? When will it end?

What are you talking about? The devil horns in pictures? We did that when we were like 8…

If you mean the peace sign its from WW2 and isn’t likely to end anytime soon (the dirty hippies co-opted it and turned a military victory sign into a girly peace symbol).

It is to indicate that they have a vagina, in cases where it’s too close to call.

Which two fingers, Kong?

  • Alan

It’s better than flipping you off?

No not over the head. In front of their faces, and they sometimes put their tongues through it.

I never thought you were one to lead a sheltered life, Roger.

Maybe they’re being ironically kawii? See also http://asianposes.com/ which has examples of several different hand signals.

Wait, what? I think that’s… something else

Do you really need this explained or are you trying to lure out the weak among us?

I can’t say I’ve really paid attention, but hipster/emo types seem to do it more than usual too.

That means Cunnilingus, Kong. Though many of them just think it’s the cool thing to do, when it’s sans-tongue.

Wait, what? I think that’s… something else

Oh, that. OK, imagine the fingers are legs.

Having a slow day Roger?

When he catches his food, stand clear of the death roll.



Jesus H-scroll Christ … that’s a lot of facepalm.