Why do gun nuts lie like this?

I think I’ll go with either:

“Because the friend is a felon and not allowed to use a firearm, so blaming the dog is better than him going to jail.”


“My insurance will cover everything if it was an accident caused by a dog, but not if it was caused by an uninsured friend.”

Why isn’t anyone calling him out on these lies? Because the whole “dog shot me” thing comes up every every couple months now. It’s ridiculous.

If all the witnesses are telling the same story, and there’s no contrary evidence, who’s supposed to be doing the “calling out”?

It seems like a low probability that a dog would be able to pull a trigger after taking off the safety just by stepping on it, but low probability events do happen.

The likelihood also depends on if you use the trigger guard as a handy holder for Snausages.

Who has an incentive, authority, or obligation to call out a random gun owner? You? Me? I can assure you that his insurance company will investigate the matter, and the police will question everyone present, but other than that, who exactly are the “lie police”?

Journalist: Dog Bites Man

Editor: No one cares about that. Bring me Man Bites Dog and I’ll print it.

Dog: Hold my Milkbone.

If you perhaps look at the post, see that he’s near Vicksburg, MS and look for news articles on this, you might be inclined to actually read a local account with much more information and maybe, just maybe come to the conclusion this was a messed up accident caused by a dog.


But who knows.

Well, OK, maybe. The much more likely explanation is that one of his buddies was a little liquored up and accidentally shot him. They didn’t want any legal trouble so they covered for their buddy and blamed the dog.

Just because no-one is empowered to beat the truth out of these guys, we also don’t have to be naive.

Right… and my cat cooks breakfast for me on my birthday. He was accidentally shot by a careless friend and they’re covering his ass.

Ok, so let me get this straight. You admit reading the article & seeing that the gun discharged through the sidewall of the truck, angled towards the passenger side - because that is where this guy was when he was shot.

So instead, your theory is that a drunk buddy shoots him at 9:30 in the morning and while going crazy to stop the bleeding and call 911 and get to the EMT who will meet them near a road, they have the foresight in the situation to say, “hey we need to blame the dog”.

So I want to hear your jacked-up story on how a drunk buddy shoots him through the sidewall of his truck - I have so much experience reading the deranged right wing psychos chime in on every single accident that the Oregonian covers, I’m really curious what you come up with so that I can compare.

Walk me through your scenario. Please.

Grew up on a farm. we always had guns. Dont own any now but I have seen lots of near accidents like that. Best friend leaned his rifle up on fence post. Dog ran by knocked it over,shot a hole in his truck. Weird kinds of accidents happen all the time. Seems kinda strange that first thing you think is a lie.

Who cares how it happened? I’m sure nobody can prove a thing, so they’re free to tell whatever story they like.

As far as the dog story, it’s just math. There are some arbitrarily large number of hunting accidents each year, and the majority of them involve either falling off of something high or, often hilariously, one hunter shooting another hunter. None of them involve a dog disengaging a safety and pulling the trigger, or close enough to.

They’re gonna walk away from it, so to speak. OK, less one leg, maybe, but otherwise unscathed. We have to buy their dumb shaggy dog story, too?

Well, last time I checked gun manufacturers claimed having a safety was step #1 in making guns safe, and the second one was the fact you have to pull a physical trigger. Now you’re telling me the gun lobby lied and in all actuality no one is safe as long as a gun is outside of its case? (trigger doesn’t need to be pulled by a human finger?) If this is true, then maybe we should have been treating guns differently all these years and had effective deterrence and laws to govern their use and storage?


They can tell u whatever they want Guns have had safeties for the 57 years I have been around and accidents still happen. And i would agree with you. Guns arent safe outside their case. Doesnt take just a finger to pull a trigger.

So rifle had a round chambered, rifle was cocked and ready to fire, and friend leaned it up against a fencepost? That’s…not smart.

not smart at all stupid things happen all the time

lol - when he calls and barks over the cellphone.