Why do people cheat?

From the Crimsonland front page.

This is for all you people who enjoy spoiling the game for the others. Yeah, I’m talking about cheating on the Internet high scores lists. I’d really like spend my time more productively rather that trying to figure out what to do with you guys. This update contains some code trying to prevent high score cheating. The high score lists are reset to give it a fresh start.


Cheating in RTS games or FPS or Diablo makes little sense as I would think it spoils the fun, but it must be fun to get away with it. Cheating in MMORPGs…the reason most play is for the sense of acomplishment, I thought. People cheat just because they can.

But a high score list that few people will ever see and even fewer care about. There will always be people in this world who make absolutely no sense to me. I thought it was mostly idiot drivers, but it turns out that there are a fair amount of gamers that will boggle my mind until the end of time. Or until the release of Half-Life 2: Game of the Millenium edition whichever comes last.

If you put any kind of numeric score on something, you will invariably find yahoos trying to earn bragging rights by boosting that score by any means available. A fraction of those people will accomplish this by abusing the rules, if they can.

This is one reason why I think that listing post counts on web boards and awarding perqs on the basis of those numbers (e.g., special tags, ranks, avatar graphics) is a Totally Dumb Idea, as it frequently encourages this sort of moronic competition at the expense of intelligent discourse.

This sort of stuff doesn’t seem to happen at Qt3, thank God. I think that’s because we don’t get many 14-year-old posters here. ;)

Well, that and the fact that the post-counter only counts up to 20-something.

Maybe he should just put up a high score list where people can type in their names and the score they want and just get it over with?


And here I thought I was going to get a free T-Shirt and Swatch watch if I am the first to reach 5,000 posts. CRAP!

I guess my inquiry was more to the motivation behind those who cheat to get bragging rights. I don’t get them. People who cheat in business, marriage, sports, etc. do it to get money, power, sweet lovin’, and/or fame. How much of any of those are garnered from having “Eye ownz Ju!” at the top of a score board?

Probably a mystery along the lines of the Pyramids in magnitude that will never be figured out.

You nailed it… the vault boards are full of crap like that.

People cheated to get on the Progress Quest high score list. That’s the epitome of lame to me.

I think once Tyjenks reaches 5000 posts we should make him the official “Supergreg no.1” of Qt3.


Look, someone has to have the most posts. I bring up issues I think are interesting and reply to others. Why must I be so mistreated because I have tons of time to post and literally thousands of witty, well written thoughts? I am not flooding the board with too much nonsense, am I? Oh whoa is me. SO put upon and harrassed simply because I am a gifted thinker.

Ooooh I get it, now. Jealousy is rearing its ugly head. You guys all want the free T-shirt and Swatch watch and realize I am too far ahead for you to snatch it from my clutches.

Tyler is stuck in a horse metaphor. Get out while you can, Tyler!

Also: Woe is me.

They want to show off that they managed to beat some system and are therefore “smarter” than its creators or the other players. The fact that most such things can be done with a few minutes spent on a packet sniffer or softice or downloading hacks off the internet doesn’t seem to make them realize that it’s a non-achievement. It’s simply a self-esteem thing.

Look at it this way: cheaters in games serve the purpose of defining the appropriate bounds for cheating and non - cheating behavior for the majority of game players who have no interest in cheating. That certainly doesn’t make cheating ok in my book, but it’s one way of looking at it that makes it slightly more bearable/understandable.

Or: You can’t have non-deviants without deviants to articulate the bounds.

Of course that’s only one possible explanation.

The internet grows and it begins to mirror the real world. And the two merge. etc.

Tyler is stuck in a horse metaphor. Get out while you can, Tyler!

Also: Woe is me.[/quote]

How about:

“Whoa is me” - Keanu

People cheat because the human race is lazy.

Most people I’ve asked have said:

A) Stickin’ it to the man.
B) Bored and wnated to have some fun.
C) They paid for the game so they can do what they want.

I don’t know Tyjenks, it doesn’t make much sense to me either. I think that maybe it’s that people have a tendency to lose track of what gaming is really about. It’s not about winning and losing. It’s about having fun doing. In other words, it isn’t the destination that’s important, it’s about the trip its self.

I like cheating, especially in RPGs, RTSes and sim/4X-type games. Only once I’ve beaten the game in the first place though. Several times, usually.

There’s something fun about going around in those games with god-like powers.

Online cheating I oppose in every way, however.

I’ve been playing Jedi Knight 2 Single Player in what I call “Mace Windu” mode, where you turn all the force powers up to 5, turn on realistic saber combat, and give your self max health/max shield whenever you feel like it.

Its quite a bit of fun.

If you want to cheat, do it on your own time in a singleplayer game. Don’t take it online and ruin/waste my time you ignorant fuckhead.

[/note to online cheaters]

It’s a feeling of power. A feeling that you’re doing something you’re not supposed to. A feeling that you’re a creative explorer that isn’t held back by the bounds of ordinary rules. Not all cheaters are ignorant fuckheads.