Why do some Google Toolbar features suck?

Last week I installed the Google toolbar app, figuring it would save me some time since I used Google to search all the time. I’m still reflexively pulling up my Google bookmark so that hasn’t really worked out.

But I don’t get this new thing where when I go to a new tab in IE Google shows me my “Most Visited” websites and “Recent Bookmarks.” Now I understand the concept, but what I don’t get is why it doesn’t actually work.

Right now there are nine sites that listed as “Most Visited.” The problem is that they are not anywhere near being my most visited sites. Eight of the nine I’ve been to once in the last week.

So what’s the point with this?

You’re using a toolbar in IE for searching the internet? Fail.

Just use Firefox. The address bar behaves like Google if you don’t type in a valid URL, and you can set keywords to make the address bar link to and search from any search engine you want.

If you like that feature (and good Google search), switch to Chrome

Also if you like ads!

Is that ‘most visited’ feature on new tabs not built into IE8 rather than Google Toolbar?

I didn’t see it before I installed the Google Toolbar.

Ads make the world go 'round

just use privoxy with chrome.