Why does Diablo 3 bore the crap out of me?

I have a few days of free time from the Frop Bog project since it’s been raining all week. With all the excitement of the console release of Diablo 3 Souls expansion I decided to try the trial on my computer. I chose a wizard and played 4 straight hours until I killed several bosses. I have some nice purple equipment, but I am super bored. My entire gameplay amounts to holding down the freeze ray and then chucking magic missiles or electric bolts to finish monsters off. I haven’t died a single time or come close to death.

What am I missing that makes everyone else so excited with the game? The story feels bland/generic so far (the intro was great and got me really excited), and I really wanted to get into it. Is it the wrong character? Do I need the expansion or purchased version of the game? Is there hidden neat things I’m overlooking? I have no desire to play with other people… Is that a problem? Keep in mind, I LOVE Starcraft and for a while liked WoW (but I kinda hate MMORGS now due to required grouping). Is it more fun on consoles vs. the PC? Also, why do we have to play the whole game 3 times if that’s the answer to the question of “it gets better”. Why would I want to play the same story 3 times in a row? Note: I played a grand total of 10 minutes of Diablo I & 2 so I’m still new to this whole phenomenon.

You don’t play Diablo for the story, you play it for the slaughter.

Because you’re dead inside.

Diablo 3 at normal difficulty is BORING. You almost CAN’T die.

Chuck it up to hard and the experience is better. I think you can do that at any time now. In the original release you had to beat it on normal first.

And the phat loots

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Seriously though, BobM is right. Normal is a giant tutorial. The next difficulty is just a more ramped-up version of the tutorial.

Diablo is a loot chase. You kill monsters and collect awesome loot, which enables your character to kill slightly stronger monsters later. That’s it. That’s the game. If you don’t like that game, then D3 isn’t for you. You definitely do not play a Diablo game for the story.

Also, similar to BobM, you should play Diablo on the highest difficulty possible that doesn’t actually one-shot you.

I think my difficulty with Diablo 3 is that I played it when it first came out. You had to play it on sleep mode, oh sorry normal mode. Loot drops were woeful. The game was an auction house simulator waiting for an online hiccup to glitch up.

I have tried to play again more recently but once I load up the game I simply can not bear to look at it for long. It was such a dull, unrewarding slog the first time that I cringe at the thought of playing it again.

Diablo 3 is (and the whole genre) is extraordinarily boring. You aren’t missing anything.

Fixed that for you.

I pretty much feel exactly like that, the entire style of games is dead to me.

That was until I started playing Diablo 3 on the very hardest difficult levels. The split second tactical decision making combined with the toy box of skills to play with makes this game incredible exciting to me. Even the loot system, which I normally find utterly uninteresting, occasionally throws up some wacky piece of equipment to alter my build with.

But the story and characterisation are bizarrely awful.

Myself and all my friends I play games with find it boring as well. For me it’s the lack of any sort of lasting decision making. Exploding loot pinatas is fun for a bit in isolation, but I need more than that to stay engaged for long. Itemization has been dreadful (although I guess this has improved in the expansion) and that combined with lack of designing/building a character just left me cold.

I did buy the expansion to see if the improved itemization was enough for me but I wasn’t even able to make it to L70 with my previously existing L60 characters.

So yea, I hear you. I find the game to be a total bore.

What do you mean, lack of character design and building? Thats a huge part of the game - Making a character that works for you at the difficulty you plan to play. There are so many interesting way to combine powers and abilities, that you have an incredible array of options.

I’m with you jpinard, I find the genre pretty dull. Like mentioned, raising the difficulty level does help, but it is still just click, explode, collect. For the genre, D3 isn’t too bad, but after my initial playtime with it I haven’t touched it in months.

You guys should try Din’s Curse. Best, I think, of the Diablo clones because it has a living world where shit has consequences beyond the loot chase. Y’all might like it.

The story is bad. The fun comes from being able to kill things, plain and simple. It gets more fun when you can mix and match what skills you want, to make killing most efficent. The animations and art are really good, and killing stuff feels great. I would just stick with it until you get higher in level.

I think it looks good and hitting things and parts flying (is that called collision detection or something fancy?) is done so well that you get a visceral reaction. It is done better than in Torchlight and Van Helsing and Grim Dawn and Path of Exile. It just feels right and looks cool. Plus the stuff. No, there is not much more to it than that. I had no interest in another ARPG when it came out as moving around repeatedly pressing keys just sounds tedious. Plus, Torchlight II was coming out at about the same time and the difference in cost was like $30. Then I got the free introductory code from some kind person here, zoomed through to level 10 and paid about three times more for Diablo III than any game I had purchased in years.

If it doesn’t click with you, it just doesn’t. I have had games like that. I come back 6 months or a year later and give it a go again and love it. Maybe you should try that. I played it more than anything I have in probably 10 years. Can’t explain exactly. For me, I do not have the time or patience to dig into games and long learning curves that I used to revel in are hard to tolerate. This, I can dive in, smash and explode things and it feels and looks awesome.

YES! Tell me your hate so I can push this game further from my mind. I have no time for it but I left that door cracked open a bit.

Isn’t “moving around repeatedly pressing keys” pretty much the description of every video game ever?

That’s pretty much a Blizzard trademark.

I find solo Diablo - and solo dungeon crawls in general - to be pretty tedious. I rarely enjoy combat just for its own sake and the loot-grind-loot treadmill gets tiresome. The fact you have to level up quite a bit before you have an interesting mix of powers doesn’t help. Where the Diablos of the world shine is in multiplayer, particularly if you’re lucky enough to put together a dedicated group of friends, rather than just playing with random online strangers. I think it’s the interplay between different characters’ powers, working together to beat an epic boss or teeming horde, which plugs into the same joy centers which made Gauntlet and its ilk so much fun back in the arcade heyday.