Why does Diablo 3 bore the crap out of me?

I guess I should have said “mindlessly pressing the same limited number of keys”. In my mind, it was so much more clear.

I played Diablo all the way to the ending jewel-in-the-forehead cinematic. Hell, I bought a CD drive just to play this game. Then I bought and sputtered out on Diablo II. Then I got Diablo III just for promising not to unsub from WoW for a year. Played about half and hour and lost interest. Enh.

In contrast, my middle boy played it all the way through within the first 2 weeks of release. My oldest son got the 360 version, and they played through miltiple times.

Perhaps it’s whether this sort of thing is fresh and new to you instead of the second, third, or eighth time around.

Well, everyone has different taste in games. Though not liking Diablo 3 does make you have pretty terrible taste.

In all seriousness, I don’t know. It’s kind of a non-game on normal difficulty. They could rename that “I’m a stupid toddler who has never held a controller before” difficulty. You can easily start a new game at Expert and it still won’t feel “difficult”, necessarily. It certainly doesn’t require an actual Expert to beat. Though “hard” is generally the most efficient for leveling in terms of a fresh character without access to upper tier gems or paragon levels.

If you can’t make it to 70, I don’t really know what to say other than you are missing out on the majority of the game. It’s kind of like not reaching the level cap in an MMO, except with the barrier of entry much lower. Even for a complete rookie, I don’t see how it could conceivably take more than 12-14 hours (it can be done far more quickly, of course) to get from 1 to the cap, which doesn’t seem unreasonable for a first character. Successive characters will be hugely faster as the first socketed weapon you find can just get the highest tier ruby you own and you’ve trivialized the first 50 levels of content, ramp the difficulty way up and proceed far more quickly.

To me, the fun in Diablo is about finding the optimal build that works for you at the moment, which is going to be both playstyle and gear dependent. Many legendary items and sets have affixes that directly change the way a certain skill is used, or increase a skills desirability massively. While this can be a bit frustrating (for example wanting to play a Pet-focused Witch Doctor but not having a Mask of Jeram is kind of sad. Or finding a bunch of lightning gear when you want a cold wizard, or whatever), it ultimately leads to forcing you to try out skills you’d otherwise overlooked, including the skills that synergize best with an ability you’d previously ignored but a new piece of gear made you re-evaluate.

Ultimately it is a loot/exp grind, though. So if you fundamentally find the game boring at Torment1+ at 70, you just aren’t going to get anything out of it. But beating Malthael on Torment VI definitely feels like an achievement.

…because you’re playing it on the PC.

And also what BobM and KevinC said. And also since the early game plays so similarly each time in terms of character progression in the low levels, Hardcore is no longer fun. If you’d asked the same question about Diablo 2, I would have said “play hardcore, it changes everything”. But for Diablo 3, don’t play hardcore, even on the better console versions of the game with more direct control of your character.

I said “For me it’s the lack of any sort of lasting decision making”. Rearranging a hotbar doesn’t cut it in terms of character customization for me personally.

To me it’s a little like having a game like Civilization and immediately being able to convert your completed Great Library into a stack of combat units when your city is under siege, and then switching it back when the threat has passed. I’m only speaking for myself here, but that’s how Diablo 3 feels to me. I could get past it if the itemization was insanely good but to me it still has a ways to go.

Blizzard’s edge in the latest generation of the ARPG wars is gameplay mostly. When you get to the higher difficulties the combat is dangerous, exciting and it both feels and looks good to play. In comparison, Path of Exile’s combat packs all the excitement of a pair of wet socks.

If the loot chase doesn’t interest you and you can’t be convinced to explore harder difficulties, well, then that’s pretty much that. Diablo and its kin are not for everyone.

Play Hardcore. It’s the only way I can play Diablo III and not be bored. YMMV, but for me, it’s the only way to go.

Not really, since you don’t invest any actual resources in skill selection. It’s the equivalent of being able to shift all your citizens to hammers instead of food, or pull them off into specialists. In fact, it’s almost exactly like that since the items that you have, which you typically have invested resources into, make you better at specific skills than at other ones, and therefore impose a penalty when you attempt to shift like that (just the like buildings in your cities would in Civ).

Diablo’s always been a loot chase, they just made it explicit in D3 that it is all about the loot, and slowly piecing together and enhancing your gear over time is the whole point of playing. I understand the complaints about not having skills and attribute points as avenues of customization, and I originally shared them, but I think they are really just refusal to accept change. Each game of hardcore D3 with the same class is as different as each game of most roguelikes - there’s a set group of skills you can choose to enhance, you gain access to them at various power levels, and the random factor comes from the loot you run across.

Ohhh, I want to know more! Why/how could this possibly be better on console vs. a high-end PC? You have an Xbox One right? If so, is that version a lot better than Xbox 360 version?

The console version allows up to 4 players couch co-op. It’s really the best way to play this game. With friends or family sitting next to you while you’re off slaying evil monsters. The 360/PS3 version obviously looked a bit “muddier” than the PC version. But I played through it with my wife and kids and we had a total blast. One of the very few console games the whole family plays together.

The XBox One and PS4 version run at 1080p and look clearer for it (I enjoyed seeing my transferred chars in their next gen glory for the first time tonight. But it doesn’t make a world of difference). But the game play remains excellent on both generations. It also works surprisingly well with a controller. Really nice way to control the character.

So yes, I’m tempted to say you don’t enjoy it because you play it alone on the PC. And as someone who only ever played Diablo on the PC before, this really surprised me with Diablo III. But I wouldn’t go back now.


Diablo 3 is boring because you have no sense of investment in your character and no fear of failure.

Play in Hardcore mode. You might find yourself in the opposite camp; that it’s too stressful and aggrevating.

I’m not sure if you played during the good old days of Diablo 2, but I really don’t miss losing 10 hours of exp grinding dying once at level 97. YMMV. Obviously hardcore was not designed for me. If the time you spend dead instead of gathering loot, the exp loss from losing bonus pools and the humiliation of being killed by stray elite packs isn’t sufficient to disincentive you from death, rejoice. Next patch (in the next week is my guess) we get greater rifts, which are on timers and death re-starts you at the beginning. Also, you can’t change your skills inside. How many people really change their build all that often once they hit 70 though? Only in response to new legendary items really, and how fun would it be for a random loot system to never drop the gear you need for your chosen build? It would just force every player to make a new hero when the clutch legendary for a certain build that you hadn’t spec’d for dropped. I guess this is fun for some people, but not for me, and apparently not for Blizzard’s employees.

I got added to the Diablo 3 beta way back when. I played, I think, two classes through it? I hated it. So when D3 was released I ignored it. When ROS came out a couple years later I was without a game to play so in a moment of weakness I bought D3 and ROS.

ROS is a way better game than release D3 was. Still…it is pretty boring. I played the shit out of it, I am Paragon 230ish, but the mechanics are boring. For me personally its how I feel about ARPGs. They are boring. Its click click click click click. Not a lot of tactics and success/progress is mostly a function of time in the same way an MMO is.

Is there a single player game for which this isn’t true? It’s not like playing takes zero skill - yes, you could drop a new player into a character geared out for Torment II and it wouldn’t take too long before they were able to play it sufficiently to get by, but the game isn’t just the tactical game. A new player can also figure out how to defeat an enemy army in Civ4 if given an appropriately strong army and a save game to reload from, but they wouldn’t really be capable of building that army on a high difficulty level without getting wiped out first.

You can see from the seasons the types of things that are actually difficult in D3 - if you want a challenge that isn’t just “mindless” fun, do one of those things (like figure out a build to get you through Greater Rifts, or a way to beat the game at max level in under an hour). Just waving your hands and saying “all it takes is time” is trivializing a step that really isn’t trivial: the planning and resource management that goes into building up a character. Sure, you can go find a popular build online and then put in the time to unlock all those things following someone else’s recipe, but again, what single player game doesn’t work that way?

Man, I wish I had enough free time that I could dump 230 paragon levels worth of investment into games I found “pretty boring”. I can count on one hand how many games I’ve been able to spend that much time with in the last decade, and I loved the hell out of all of them, based on results.

I’m confused. I thought the level cap was 70 not 230?

Once you hit level cap you start accruing paragon levels. They give you points to put towards an alternative advancement system.


And yes, the console version is far superior to the PC version. I was extremely bored by the PC version, and got a character to level 15 I think. Then the console version came out, and I tried the demo, and was hooked, as was my GF. We completed the game together twice, my youngest tried it as well, and we had a lot of fun. Its really a great co-op game, but its also much, much better on the consoles for some weird reason.

So with all the effort Blizzard clearly puts into their games, why in the world is the story so worthless? Sometime in those ten years of development they couldn’t cobble together a story that worked?

It amazes me how somebody that thinks D3 (or even ARPGs in general) are boring can bring himself to play the hundreds and hundreds of hours it takes to get to Paragon 230.

I personally was pretty fond of Diablo 2, but Diablo 3 never really clicked with me. I played it for a significant amount of time twice, first time I got a char of each class through a normal game, and on my second “season” - shortly before the expansion was released - I managed to get one char to the level cap (he had maybe Paragon 10 when I quit). If I can snag the expansion for cheap at one point, I’ll probably play some more to see the expansion content and try a Paladin, but in general, I agree with the notion that the game is pretty dull.
MY main reason is the boring approach to the loot pinata - most items, even legendaries, are rather unexciting. This has GREATLY improved with the changes leading up to the closing of the auction house and the release of the expansion - though most of the changes really only become interesting for characters that have maxed out their levels and are grinding “post-content” - but it’s still preddy mediocre.

Also, the “gotta catch 'em all” aspect was lost, since there’s now a sea of legendaries you can hardly ever hope to find (and you have not enough space to store them anyway) and the droprates of set items are still way, WAY too low.

The story is nothing to write home about and really not particularly good, but I didn’t consider it as painstakingly bad as some others view it. A video game story with some quite retarded choices - nothing out of the ordinary.
Gameplay … click click click indeed. Switching to a higher difficulty only increases frustration for me as it introduces more moments of “That guy looks dangero ‘You died!’”.

It’s almost like a casual game. Like a character that would fit in well with the games cast, Diablo 3 to me is like a game which sold it’s soul to the devil (or one of the prime evils, I guess). It’s slick and attractive and polished … but also hollow and empty.
Some folks don’t mind that and can spend thousands of hours grinding Paragon levels, occasionally getting an item that gives them 2% higher attack or something. But I just can’t bring myself to do the same.