Why does every site on the Internet have godamn ads for Civony?

No, seriously. That same scantily clad woman and the font that makes me wonder about copyright violations is appearing on every site I view. It’s enough to make a chap suspect some kind of spyware, but I’m coming up clean.

No particular purpose, just a minor rant.

But my Queen is awaiting!

I like the old one with the sleeping chick. Yes, they are all over.

FireFox, No Script, and Ad Block Plus. I’m just sayin…

The chick in the newer one is hot.

Mine too!

Hey, wait a minute… I haven’t seen her lately…


I didn’t even know it was possible for a bear to look terrified.

Not on Qt3 you shouldn’t! Gotta support Tom somehow.

Look at the ear ring, that bear is probably gay.

Does Civony actually actually have some sort of game mechanic involving scantilly clad queens? I’m too lazy to actually try it.

I don’t know anything about Civony but the first time I saw the ad, I (really) thought it had something to do with Firaxis because of what seems like intentionally similarity in look and feel to the logos used on ‘Civ’ titles. So I fully support Firaxis, Take2, or whomever suing those bitches until the ads stop.

Yep likewise.

A homeland need you to protect!

WTF, they can’t even put together a coherent sentence on the main page?


Looks like it was developed and is run by a Chinese publisher. So fat chance getting a dime out of them from an IP lawsuit.

Civony looks like a combination of Civilization and eHarmony. Internet dating backed with the power of NUCLEAR WEAPONS!


Mutually assured destruction can hold together many relationships.

That actually sounds cool but I refuse to click on the banner.

That, and I’m married.

I’d totally research her tech tree.

I’d totally ax rush her!

Isn’t this the premise behind divorce settlements?

Which one? hur

No really, which one? hur hur hur