Why does every site on the Internet have godamn ads for Civony?

So the guy’s part of Bear Force One?

Sanya Weathers has an amusing writeup.


Basically the entire game is one massive copyright violation in badly translated English (some of the models look directly ripped from Age of Empires/Kings).

I was just going to say, that Castle looks oddly reminiscent of the ones from AoE2.

I was observing something similar a few weeks ago. Everywhere I went I saw the same ad for some Viagra substitute. I thought it was pretty suspicions seeing ads like that on sites like IGN, so I googled for the name of the advertised product and sure enough it turned out it was some trojan I had cought that did this. Coming up clean in one spyware analysis program is no motive to relax, because, in my experience at least, often one program fails to find a trojan another program indeed finds.

Also, many trojans have built in shit like blocking access to major antivirus sites, and even the urls for just definition updates, so you can’t grab a new one.

I recommend using HijackThis and submitting the logfile it creates to a site that will anaylize it. This, and SpyBot or MalwareBytes.

P.S.: Anyway, I prefer ads with scantily clad women to ads that come with sounds of chirping crickets and screaming monkeys ;)

True that. More scantily clad women and less smilies that makes noises when you mouse over them.

I love the word “scantily.”

Hulk Hogan understands your perspective.

If anyone’s interested in historical empire-themed cosplay, this is clearly the game for you!


Hahahahahaha it’s like chubby Gunther x 4.

I clicked on the banner, and yes, that is an accurate capsule summary of the game. Their tag line is “Save your lands, your properties, and your lover NOW!” I thought “land” was a synonym for “property,” so I’m not sure why they felt the need to enunciate both.

So they stole even the photo of girl for their sign-up page?


Costume shop would be yet another potential litigant, would seem.

They must be using “properties” as a synonym for the “stuff” that you keep on your lands. I’m sure this was well thought out in meetings over many weeks before they actually settled on this tag line. You cynic.

Property and woman is kind of redundant too. Maybe they have different customs in their country.


The only thing that would make it complete is if they paid for their massive banner ad campaign with stolen credit card numbers.

Better check your statements people!

From the Civony FAQ:

How do I get my queen?
There is no queen in this game, the ad you saw is for marketing purposes and seems to be highly effective by the number of times this question has come up.

Sadly, this question did not appear:

Is there any visual asset in the game or marketing campaign that wasn’t outright stolen?
Yes, there is a help dialog that is original to Civony. However, the dialog is in Chinese.

Well put.

wowsers. Now its changed its name to EVONY?

Firaxis might have had a little talk with them. Possibly with 2K Games standing behind them, cracking its knuckles.

I see that they also altered the logo that they ripped off from WoW. It still looks similar, but not quite as blatant.

Ikariam keeps showing up. That game was so last year.