Why does Flash 2004 MX's GUI suck?

It has the most scabrous and fernickity GUI I’ve ever been lumbered with.

And incomprehensible bugs that generate useless error messages.

It gives me the feeling that the Flash application is to Actionscript as early filth-spewing WYSIWYG website editors were to HTML and CSS.

And it’s not because I’m using my toy computer. It does the same shit in Windows.

What were you using when that happened? Some sort of primitives-based drawing? Never seen that one :)

UberTemplate – heh. Apparently not so uber.

That particular one happens if I insert a new keyframe in the middle of some object that has a transition applied; and then try to apply a new transition to the new instance of the object apparently created by the new keyframe.

My terminology here might be waaaay off, I’m just getting used to this half-assed horror.

The recollection that this application now belongs to Adobe just washed over me like a wave of pure ambrosial light. Maybe they will make the GUI so that basic intuitive use of the timeline and transitions doesn’t generate code that breaks the GUI.