Why does George Bush disrespect the US flag?


good thing Orren Hatch never got his flag amendment passed. Could this be considered a ‘high crime’, or ‘misdemeanor’?

Ann Coulter’s going to need a new appendix to Treason.

Lets not forget to jail the people at ABC, NBC and CBS and FOX for incorporating flag images into their logos immediately after 9-11. Oh, and also anyone who lets their flag touch the ground, or leaves it out in the rain, or lets it fly at night without a proper spotlight.

Ugh! She makes my brain bleed. She’s like Bizarro you, Jason. :wink:

I don’t recall accusing conservatives of wanting to destroy the universe.

I just mean you are both idealogical loons.

Uh, you’re seriously unable to distinguish then.

I’m a grade-A anal weenie when it comes to proper flag ettiquette, and even I don’t think this is a big deal. Some folks pushed their flags in front of Bush and asked for an autograph; he obliged. I doubt he gave it a second thought. Heck, I doubt I would’ve done any differently.

In other words, its ok to deface the flag as long as you have the correct political opinions. Because we know no one would object to liberals selling flags with someone printed on 'em, right?

I don’t think anyone gets worked up over tiny paper flags. Except desperate politicos latching on to any percieved act of hypocracy in an attempt to disgrace their opponent, when we all know they are only feigning concern for flag’s rights.

Jason, don’t you burn American flags?

Jason, don’t you burn American flags?[/quote]

I thought he used them for toilet paper.

Jason, don’t you burn American flags?[/quote]

I thought he used them for toilet paper.[/quote]
Yeah right. As if anything but the soft Caucasus silk is worthy of Jason’s ass.

Well, I dislike Bush just about as much as anyone. But in this case, I think he probably did the right thing. It’s not like he was handing out flags with his signature on it. It looks like some poor sap came up and gave him a flag and asked him to sign it. Can you imagine how crappy that guy would have felt if instead of signing it, the President of the United States instead stopped and gave a lecture on how inappropriate it was for him to sign a flag?

Just as a side note, didn’t the old Civil War Regimental flags used to have writing on them? I thought they used to have battle names or somesuch added to them.

Jason, don’t you burn American flags?[/quote]

Uh, no.

Oh, of course. It just points out the absurdity of the perpetual flag desecration amendements (which failed by one vote last time, if you can believe it).

Burning is the proper way to dispose of a damaged or worn flag. I wonder how that fits into Hatch’s little Nazi amendment?

I swear to god if such a ludicrous amendment becomes law, I will burn a hole in the center of my flag, fly it on my house, and wait for the authorities to come get me. I’d love to see them prosecute me for burning my own property.

I don’t know that I’ve ever said this after a bmulligan post, but: me too.

It’s nice to know it’s not just our government who has members preoccupied with issues of mass unimportance.

To satisfy the rule weenies, the President can do this if he wants to, because, well, he’s the President.