Why Does Life Suck?

That was remarkably coherent. You’re not drunk enough.

Life doesn’t suck, you’re just a pussy.

Well, I guess I’m drunk enough to <sniff> say that was pretty good. Something for everyone.

So how did a cool thread about giant spiders degenerate into emo that quickly?

Where’s your giant spider? I thought SA had tons of bird-eating insects. Be part of the solution!

Nice one Bill.

Take that anger, take all of it and go find Cockroaches.
They deserve it!

Sorry to disappoint but the biggest spiders I’ve personally seen around here are about 6 inches across.

We did used to have about 10 golden orb spiders on our verahnda (sp?) which my mom used to feed mince to though.

Now, our mortal sporting enemies the Aussies have some nasty bugs and a potent back row as well.

I guess it required too much self examination to make the thread title ‘Why Does My Life Suck’.

My life doesn’t suck at the moment, it’s quite a nice feeling.

Spiders deserve a damn good squishing though.

This thread is bullshit, life doesn’t suck at all. Personally I rather like it, in fact. I mean, if nothing else it’s definitely better than the alternative.

I read a science fiction short story where a guy was sitting in his living room, minding his own business, when suddenly insects start assaulting his house en masse. He tries to fight them off but they’re getting in and backing him into a corner, about to devour him, when this spider appears and says “Damn these bugs! I think we can still save you, though.” And the guy says “Oh thank you thank you! I don’t want to die!” And the spider says. “Oh, sorry. I meant your species.” :)

Because you touch yourself at night.

Wow. It’s like accidental trick photography.

Nuh uh. It’s because we must have jobs.

Life sucks because you suck at life.

I need a drink after reading Bill’s post.

Surprisingly insightful for a flamethrower like yourself, BD.

Yeesh. I was avoiding this thread, recalling my screed. Sorry about the block text and any tears shed ;_;

But if we go back to spiders, I’m going to have to repeat my anecdote about smacking my nose at 5AM and finding a big smashed wolf spider that was trying to spelunk my nasopharynx, and nobody wants that.