Why does my mouth taste like chocolate?


I abstain.

Dude, I don’t think you got Flowers’ wick this time.

Chocolate covered dick in a box.

What I like is that by clicking “view Poll results” you can see which sick pervs voted for which option…

Me, I abstain.

And we wonder why polls got banned.

It’s a trap.

  • Alan

The only way to win this poll is by not voting.

I choose to lose!

This poll offends me. But my post count thanks you.

Are you guys trying to get Tom to turn off polls again?

Okay, honestly: were polls ever used seriously here?

I mean, ever? Just wonderin.

Dunno… why don’t you make a poll about it?

If you mean ever, check out the Barak Obama inexeperience thread in P&R. I was serious about that poll.

Why would Barak Obama’s mouth taste like chocolate? And how would you even know? That doesn’t make any sense.

Barak Obama’s mouth would taste like chocolate if he were eating chocolate and I would know because he would say “This here chocolate sure is tasty!”

Let me know if I can help you further.

Oh, so the whole Obama ‘chocolate’ problem again, eh? Racist bastards.

It doesn’t even really count as chocolate, because it was, like, imported chocolate, and besides, he was raised by skim milk in Hawaii.

Next up–

Poll: Why does my mouth taste like gravy?


opportunity, squandered