Why does neither party take real action against Japanese Whalers?

I know the Democratic party says it supports the “green” parties but does it? Has there been any real legislation to do anything about whale harvesting yet? I have seen nothing.


Who cares about whales, Aikes? They can always be replaced with volunteers from America’s huge supply of fat people.

  1. Well, they’re citizens of a country other than the US that are doing this in international waters. So no, I don’t think the US is going to be arresting them any time soon.

  2. Here’s a good roundup of international and US whaling laws. You’ll notice that it is, in fact, illegal for any resident of the United States to engage in whaling. You’ll also notice that there are legal provisions for the US to sanction nations who do not abide by the International Whaling Convention; furthermore, you might be able to figure out that, aside from the very prospect of the US enforcing international law right now is absolutely ludicrous, doing so might not be the height of diplomatic wisdom.

  3. Greenpeace is calling on Gorton’s to reel in its parent company! That’s cute.

  4. The Democratic Party does not support the “green parties,” assuming that you actually mean the Green Party, and not, um, Greenpeace. Who they also do not support.

  5. Even if they did, they aren’t exactly the powerhouses of government right now, so pointing at the lack of any new action against whaling and using that as evidence that Democrats don’t care about the environment is just plain silly.

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In reply, I said neither party is doing anything. It was not an attack on Democrats but an attack on the two party powers that be. Sanctions would be nice.

And Unicorn, I care about whales. You sound like Rush with the whole they were meant to die and men have been given dominion over the animals crap.

The very first sentence you posted in this thread, not counting the title, was a call for the Democrats to act, along with an implication that they are hypocrites.

And yeah, sanctions would be nice. They’d be nice because they could help stop the practice of whaling. They’d be even nicer because they’d mean our economy was strong enough that we could afford to piss off Japan, and they’d be even nicer than that because they’d mean that our very biggest foreign policy concern at the moment wasn’t completely based on the notion that international law is a bunch of hooey.

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