Why does President Bush hate animals?

Chokes on Pretzels, falls off Segways, drops dogs… I wasn’t around for President Ford, so this stuff is new to me.

Behind the empty facade… is nothing.

Hey XPav, is that a real picture? I tried to follow the link back, but couldn’t figure out where the news story was. What’s the scoop, did Bush actually drop someone’s dog?

Yes: his own.

No respect for his own “property” (or whatever dogs are). Fucking commie!

Someone should have told George that it’s the other domesticated household pet that lands on it’s feet.

The source for the pic.

The New York Times is reporting that he dropped the dog due to his hands being soaked with blood mixed with oil. Hillary, after consulting with the polls, declared it to be another example of how this administration has no respect for wildlife and is why they are so intent on destroying the environment. Dean declared that Americans cannot continue to go to bed each night wondering about the fate of their pets with this administration. Kerry will come out with a comment two months from now.

Meanwhile, Rumsfeld told the President that he should really consider shooting the dog, as that’s the only way to deal with a limp. The CIA reported that they examined the photo and the cat that Laura dropped was doing fine. Limbaugh was quick to point out that this was another example of how the leftist media had completely ignored how Bill Clinton had done much more to “dogs” than drop them.

The UN and Europe decried the fact that Bush picked the dog back up and took her to the vet without consulting them, as they promised to pass a few resolutions declaring that dropping dogs is bad and the consequence of dropping dogs would be more resolutions declaring that dropping dogs is REALLY bad.

The liberals on Qt3 declared this to be yet another inarguable example of Bush’s total incompetence in everything from the economy to international affairs, while the conservatives declared that Bush had actually meant to drop the dog and had a plan in which dropping the dog would eventually be good for the dog, and that we just had to have patience and remember all of the times in previous decades where similar events had happened.

I just love the guy on the left, that is a great -

“shiiiiiiit, the president really is an idiot, he dropped that dog.” And look at his package.


That was pretty good Jeff :D

You are so right!