Why doesn't Nintendo's Wii U have Twitch streaming integration yet?

Title Why doesn't Nintendo's Wii U have Twitch streaming integration yet?
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When June 13, 2014

Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One both can stream gameplay footage directly to Twitch. Console streaming has proven to be popular with gamers. Twitch revealed that 20% of their bandwith was being used by PS4 streaming as early as January..

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Yeah, no. They don't have the hardware to do it. Hell, they're struggling on the software\OS development side too. That's all there is to it.

No need for Twitch integration, because Nintendo's research shows no one will watch it...other than all those people already watching Twitch content.

Nintendo has seen the scumbag world of camera hogs pandering for donations we call Twitch.

Nothing of value to be gained from it. Play your games people, stop watching others play them.

I've been meaning to add Twitch to the list of video game things I could not possibly care less about.

Exactly. PS4 and Xbox One were both built with specialized real-time video encoding hardware that lets them live stream. The WiiU lack such hardware and the CPU is too weak to do it in software. They can downplay it however they want, the fact is their current platforms are physically incapable of it.

Yeah, it's a nice to have feature that I use occasionally if I am on the fence about a game and just want to get a feel for how it plays, but it's not really an essential thing I need my console to do.

Who gives a shit, really?

The latest update to the OS just this week has some nice quick launch features. Nintendo is quirky when it comes to interface, but it's definitely not bad and it's getting better.

Couldn't agree more. I know it seems to be a big deal to some people, it means nothing to me.

No, no, no.

Nintendo doesn't want their games being showed off. Remember, they want to get every dime they can get from users putting their videos on youtube. They don't want Twitch getting money off their games for FREE. There ain't no way they're adding Twitch until Twitch pays them the big bucks.

And if Twitch really is bought by Google? Oh, buddy, they gonna charge even more.

I've tried watching people on Twitch through my PS4, but I always turn it off shortly after. Most of the streams are just stupid or are people trying to run their own video chat show. Maybe there are some good streams on there, but I don't have the patience to try and find them.

This is less about 'is it useful for me' and more about Nintendo monopolizing on people streaming Nintendo content generally. Thanks to their copyright regulations, lets plays and even legitimate criticisms of their games means the end user can sometimes not benefit for the videos they release on Youtube.

As cool and as fun as streaming is, I'm not sure putting it in the hands of everyone by building it into every system is a good thing. How many Xbox One or PlayStation 4 straight-from-console streams have zero viewers? It has to be the vast majority. So I do think Reggie has a point about "Joe Blow's" streams not being interesting, even if the lack of Twitch on the Wii U is because of technical reasons in reality.

Presumably the people responsible for 20% of Twitch's traffic.

Nothing of value to you perhaps, but there is a reason that gaming channels dominate Youtube. There is a very real demand to see people play games, either for purposes of criticism, humorous or otherwise entertaining commentary, or just to see the game being played.
It is a selfish way to go through the world, applying your values to everyone else.

This kind of streaming is still very new. We don't fully know what will come of it. At least with the technology availble it has a chance to grow into something interesting or something unexpected.
Even now there are unique things that have happened on Twitch, like the Pokeman game played by thousands of people.

I'm well aware of the reasons gaming channels dominate YouTube and that people for reasons beyond my understanding like to watch ego-maniacs stroke themselves and beg for money. Gaming anymore is all about "ME ME ME. Watch what I'M DOING."

I will continue applying my values to everyone else. The sooner you accept that, the less you'll need to placate your ego with meaningless services like Twitch.

That 20% was JUST for PS4 streaming back in January. Twitch is pretty much JUST game streaming.

I reckon at a high level they decided that people who watch video streams are less likely to buy the games or even the hardware in the first place, ie the opposite of what most people seem to think.

I would imagine that their argument would be that Nintendo is pretty much all about unique content these days, and restricting access to that content, even something as innocuous as gameplay videos, makes an actual purchase more likely.

I think what really happens is that most gamers just forget Nintendo exists.