Why doesn't the year 2015 have it's own 20:20 thread? Well, it does now!

This is the game in which we grab the 20:20, 40:40, 60:60 and so on from the movie of our choice. We post one a day to see if anyone can guess the movie. Whoever correctly guesses gets to post frames from the next movie. If no one guesses your movie, that means you lose because you’ve picked something either too obscure or something that happens to have lousy frames at those particular moments. Don’t be a loser!

Also, here’s the master list. Before you pick a movie, check whether it’s on the list.


In what movie will you see this at the 20:20?


The Faculty?

Damn, one I actually knew for once!

It is indeed The Faculty! I was hoping Elijah would clear the shot in time. Stupid Elijah Wood, ruining my frame by making it easier to guess. Here he is in the 40:40, with Christopher Macdonald as his dad, who totally doesn’t believe that aliens are taking over the school.

The 60:60 is the girl who was – spoiler! – the alien queen all along.

What ever became of her? I looked her up on IMDB and it seems like she went on to do a bunch of TV. The 80:80 has the wonderful Clea Duvall as Stokely, the goth chick who isn’t a lesbian. Oh, and look, more Elijah Wood in the frame!

Over to you, Soren!


That’s a young David Patrick Kelly. Commando?

It is indeed the movie you can’t spell without man, do or personal lubricant.



I can’t get over Vernon Wells’ outfit in this movie.


Great, I’ll have a new 20 up this evening Central Time.

Laura Harris made a real impression on me in the Dead Like Me tv show. That program had a fun concept and Mandy Patinkin. Harris is great as a self-important starlet reduced to civil work in an uncivil afterlife. The second season is notable for being much better written than the first, so I’m glad I stuck with it. The followup movie, on the other hand, was a stinker.

Yep, Dead Like Me. She’s awesome. :)

The new 20. The 40 will give this one away:

GI Jane?

The Wet People?


Not GI Jane and not The Wet People, although the people are certainly wet.

That’s Crimson Tide. They’re boarding the Alabama.

Woolen’s got it.





Over to you, Woolen!

Levine must have me on block.

Actually, they look quite dry, apart from the poor guy standing right next to the water curtain.

Heh, you slipped that correct answer in just as I was posting the 40.