Why don't I like Resident Evil 4? UPDATE: Oooh, maybe I'll like this 2023 remastered version!

We’ve got the System Shock remake coming up too.

And that other game that looked like a Dead Space type game. What was that called? Ah yes, Fort Solis. (Steam page). Q2 2023 apparently, if it doesn’t get delayed.

Challenge accepted!

Any deals currently better than the $50.something at Green Man?

Well that’s, uh, sure why not.

Rich Stanton says it’s not as good as the original.

That might seem entitled. But Resident Evil 4 was always a slightly crazy game. Where the first game’s mansion was coherent and semi-believable as a setting, Resident Evil 4 takes place in an unspecified European wonderland of bizarre contraptions, shooting galleries, medieval castles, and an endless menagerie of grotesque and toothy experiments. And a lot of it just hasn’t made the cut. One iconic sequence in particular—I’ll not say which as we’ve been asked to avoid revealing certain specific changes—has here been replaced with an utterly anodyne and short section that simply isn’t fit to lace the original’s boots.

This element of the remake begins to encroach more and more as the game hits its second half stride, and I can only describe it as timidity. Where the original felt like it was constantly over-reaching, always surprising the player with new demands, new environments, and wild one-off challenges, this seems content to settle into more of a standard corridor shooter rhythm. The combat is so good that even when the game’s unambitious it is borne aloft on a cloud of shotgun shells, but the further you poke into that soft underbelly the more standard it begins to seem.

Memories are obviously hazy things, but the castle always seemed to me a gigantic playground, filled with back-and-forth warrens and secrets to be uncovered. Here it feels like something designed by Naughty Dog, opulent and gorgeous and fun to walk through, but always with a very obvious big finger pointing out where to go next. I’m not saying the original game was some expansive freeform epic, because it wasn’t. It was every bit as linear as this. But it felt a lot bigger, and kept out-doing itself until the very end in a way that this just doesn’t.

There’s an official anime short to go along with the remake

Hard to tell. There’s a UK version of a shop listed for lower, but the us version of that shop is listed higher. I suspect that’s because of the exchange rate?

I can see this, tbh.

The only REmake that supplants its original version is, IMO, the first one. REmake is a game that takes absolutely nothing away - unless you count replacing some iconic level cheesy dialogue with, err, marginally less cheesy dialogue as a loss - while its additions are smart, worthwhile and add some wonderful additional context and moments. Oh, and has there ever been a bigger visual glow up in gaming history? Just 5 years separate RE1 and REmake. It’s insane.

RE2:R is a fantastic game in its own right and the decision to bring Mr X into a more prominent role was probably the right one, but the loss of the A/B scenario’s is just too big a thing to lose from the original RE2. Similarly, I enjoyed RE3:R a bunch, certainly more than many by the sounds of it, but there’s too much missing for it to ever truly replace the original.

I’m going into RE4 with an open mind. There are elements of the original that I’d gladly remove, but at the same time it’s a fine balance and you still ultimately want the game to be Resident Evil 4. It’s a beloved game and I’m always in favor of keeping original versions available (hint hint Capcom, I’d like to buy the original trilogy on Steam please) so I can totally see a world where people enjoy this game, but where it doesn’t replace the OG.

Wow those shorts are amazing. Hilarious, I want more. I didn’t think I had much nostalgia for RE4 but between those and the release trailer I’m really interested. Probably not $50 interested but I’m sure I’ll get it eventually.

That PC Gamer did make me think I should maybe try the HD Project first.

I got up to the lake last night and I’m really loving the remaster so far. They’ve really nailed it, as they did with RE2. Which was outstanding btw, never was the biggest fan of OG RE2 but the remaster was exceptional; too early to tell for sure but this seems to be on par.

I’ve not played RE4 since around the release of the (horrific) PC port, so my memory on the specifics is fuzzy, but the setting is as weird as it ever was and I think they’ve captured a lot of it pretty perfectly. It looks gorgeous, controls well and I love the pace; it’s weird how bullet spongeyness works here and makes the enemies feel so threatening instead of just annoying. Sometimes as per the original ‘killing’ them just causes them to turn into something worse, but I like the new mechanic that allows you to run over and knife them on the ground to prevent it. Very risk/reward if they’re near a bunch of other enemies.

The merchant has changed, he’s at like 80% gusto now which makes me sad buuut he also gets a ton more lines, some of which are actually pretty great. I did his shooting gallery thing last night (at his lake hideout) and got a charm which lets me sell recovery items at double price. Right after I’d just sold them all, of course. Sigh. It says the rewards are random, so you may not get that one, but be forewarned I guess!

That catfish boss battle was a lot cooler in my memory than what I just played. :(

And I just found Ashley! I’d forgotten that that’s what the co-op sites are for, not for multiplayer.

(So they’re adding the multiplayer in a patch, down the road? Oh, Capcom.)

Man, I don’t remember much about where the game goes from here, but ironically, it all feels so familiar. Just the whole formula, which didn’t really work for me until Resident Evil 5 switched up some of the ingredients. But after four chapters, playing this as a less distinctive version of RE5 is kind of working for me. And on standard difficulty, there’s not much pushback so long as I’m scooping up loot (I didn’t have to replay either boss fight). Heck, I might even make it to the end!

Which control scheme you guys are using? I am using the default one, and it feels like the original… but a little like tank movement

I grab the mouse and keyboard for the shooting gallery, but otherwise, I’m just using the default controller scheme, which is working out okay. I don’t think it’s any different from the other latest RE’s, is it? I played a fair bit of the RE2 remake last year. And plenty of Village before that. I seem to be tapping into my muscle memory just fine.

And wouldn’t you know it, right after declaring a lack of pushback, I’m running into, uh, issues because of Ashely. I certainly remember her now. : /

I really should remember my goddamn login for this site. And use it more.

Anyway, I’ve reached ch7, and I really, really love this game. It’s not as much as a leap as RE2-RE2 Remake is, obviously, but they tightened and modernized it, threw in fun surprises and…ugh, just the whole package is great!

The shooting gallery is kind of brutal though, this time around…

Yeah I miss being able to put Ashley in a dumpster while I deal with a crowd. She gets grabbed a lot more in this.

The catfish battle in the original is a dumpster fire of shit design, controls, and QTEs to punish the player even more after the player screwed something up (easy to do, for the aforementioned reasons). I would take the battle in the remake over that game every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

I am about to get Ashley but haven’t yet. It looks like the Ashley stuff is the one area where the remake mis-stepped, to me, from watching streams (also, they should have just cut the section where you have to play as her). Although we’ll see how much content in the castle and beyond is changed up. But she is definitely getting grabbed more, and there’s “game over if she even gets grabbed” sections (although not many). I don’t really want to manager her “settings”. I just want to stuff her into a dumpster until I clear shit out (assuming I can’t just stuff her into a portable hole).

I was a fan of the original, but I would argue there was a lot more fat to trim in that game than in any previous RE (but then of the originals I played RE, some of 2, and none of 3). Setting aside that it’s a very different sort of game than the first three in the series, mind. But that fat trimming and modernization has so far been very good (I’m about to do the first giant fight).

Better UI (by a thousand). The parry system is interesting but I can’t remember to do it enough. Friendlier on money (since you can sell back weapons for ~95% of what you spent on buying/upgrading them). The changes to the areas so far are just enough to freshen things up. The “treasure upgrading” seems better in this one (everything that you can just sell is clearly marked as such). I like the additions to the medallion hunting side quest, and the different upgrades that system provides. At least to this point, this is a clearly superior game to the original.

I don’t mind Ashley getting grabbed so much as it’s generally a free knife execution kill if you run up from behind. However, I do mind that she seems to love hugging wack murdermonks that I’ve stuck with a crossbow mine shortly due to explode. One shots her every time.


(Though it is kinda funny watching Leon facepalm with total ‘not this shit again’ energy when it happens).