Why don't I like Resident Evil 4? UPDATE: Oooh, maybe I'll like this 2023 remastered version!

You can use some, but not all, unlocks during an S+. Knight armour for Ashley being a must have - its a cosmetic which makes her immune.

I think she has very little, if any, experience as a voice actor, which is why she just sounds so weird and off. Plus, I think her acting in this is bad, too - idk if that is due to it being a voice job, but I won’t watch that Resident Evil TV Show to find out if her Ada-acting is better in that…

Yeah, thankfully those work for some of the S+ runs. As far as I understand it, the go-to move is to unlock the Chicago Typewriter for the “get S+ on Professional on a new save”, saving up Spinels for the exclusive upgrade. Not sure if I’ll go that far before Mercenaries drops though

Hot take: The Krauser fight embodies what the remake changed for the better, and the Saddler fight embodies what they should have changed but didn’t.

I may be mistaken but she’s not in the show? She played Ada in the Welcome to Raccoon City movie (which was also a skip). More importantly, she plays Squirrely Dan’s sometimes GF in Letterkenny. But yeah I don’t think she has any voice acting experience that I can see. Which means direction is even more important (if it’s possible to make it work, which it may not be).

At this point I’m just thinking I should just reinstall RE4 HD remaster and install that giant fanmade HD texture pack and get the itch out of the way.

Oh, I thought that was the show. My mistake!

I do enjoy the JP dub so far. Also the title finally goes BIOHAZARD…FOUR, as god intended.

Do eet. I suspect I’ll go back after I’m done with the remake, to see just how different it feels

Don’t think I’ve got even the slightest inclination to go back to the original, HD textures or no, but my story is one of woe - I only played that PC release notoriously known as ‘one of the worst ever ports’. I loved the game, even with the awful port I could tell it was (mostly) excellent, but everything in the remaster has made that experience completely and utterly redundant. Like, maybe the merchant VA was a bit better but I love the new lines he gets, and it’s by no means a bad performance in the new one at all.

Then again I rarely, rarely, replay old titles at all, so take it for what it’s worth.

Ah… Saddler. AKA Mr “I’m gonna pay you 160,000 pesetas one rocket to fuck off.”

Man, I totally would buy and play this if only it were real.

If RE4 leaned into actual QTEs, especially RE5 style (where prompts changed every time a new QTE option came up, even in the same type of fight), I would not enjoy it. As it is, with the simple and consistent buttom prompts for “set dodges” combined with actual knife combat, I really enjoyed both Krauser clashes (the “appetizer”, as it were, and the main event). Also the game is very forgiving reading inputs, which I love. Windows for most things are pretty generous (parrying is really the trickiest), and even if you panic mash other things if you get that B-button pressed, you get a dodge. I don’t know if Professional changes that at all.

Given how much the game overhauled in terms of boss fights, I was surprised the Saddler fight seemed so similar to the original. Of the other boss fights, it felt like only the giant fights didn’t get meaningfully overhauled and they didn’t need to be (I might not be remembering something else).

It’s hard work to keep all the lackluster non-game media Resident Evil content straight, man.

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Oh man, Puzzle Fighter meets Tetris Battle Gaiden meets Resident Evil - I’d be in as well

Apparently there are a number of (intentional) sequence skips in the game that you can use, worth knowing if you’re embarking on a Professional S+ run.

One I found myself: You can finish the crane sequence a lot quicker by throwing a grenade or two at the wall to weaken it - Ashley can then bring it down in a single hit.

One I wish I knew sooner: You can shoot the church bell in the distance and skip the whole opening fight sequence in the village! Very cool.

I’ll leave the others to your google foo, I think it’s great they thought to add this stuff, tho!

That’s what I did. Just finished it a couple hours ago actually, and had a blast. It definitely holds up very well in my opinion, even with the old-style movement controls. I’m sure I’ll eventually pick up the remake, but I have no urge to do so for the foreseeable future.

I had tried this (PC) port back in the day and it quite frankly sucked, but with the HD mod (which includes the excellent RE Tweaks mod), it’s spruced up quite nicely. You can even increase the FOV if you choose to (I definitely chose to). And if you want to use KB+M (I didn’t), the mod actually tries to make that usable, which it really wasn’t in the original port.

I had originally played RE4 on GameCube (and I still have that), but I had just as much fun with this version as I did with that one.

Now I’m off to replay Resident Evil 1.

There is a boss fight that can be rendered easier with foreknowledge, but I’m not sure if the back tracking it takes to secure part of that equation will be a time saver for speed runners. I’ll be curious to see.

I wish I could sequence break the play as Ashley sequence.

You can! The clock time only changes depending on difficulty setting so you can input it right away and head straight down to the crypt.

You still need to get the keys though don’t you? That doesn’t preclude heading straight down into the crypt, sure. But I don’t think knowing the time saves a ton there (granted, speed runners and people doing 5:30 S+ runs will care a great deal, and bully for them).

Finished my first run.

Had an absolute blast. This was a start to finish positive experience for me that was a triumph in its own right while increasing my appreciation of the original. It’s been a while since a big single player non-Souls game has drawn me in like this.

Almost all of the nip and tuck changes worked for me. Thought the addition of a more horror skewed atmosphere was really great. Ashley both as a character and as a gameplay system are both a wholesale improvement. Thought the pacing was right on the money, even when you get to the Island (which is always where I feel the OG loses some steam).

The gunplay is just great too and props to Capcom for the balance. I’ve already started a new run and am 26 hours deep at this point, and still can’t settle on which of these awesome handguns is the best.

Fantastic. Capcom are on a roll. I’ve previously doubted whether they’d bother with RE5 (or more to the point, doubted whether they SHOULD bother) but I don’t want them to stop. I also think Capcom are building a really nice, self contained revision of the series up to this point, and I think there’s a ton of scope to fill in the blanks with non-bollocks versions of 5 & 6 to tie 2-4 and 7-8 together. Heck, although I thought they nailed REmake the first time round, I’m even coming around to the idea of an RE Engine look at the first game again.

Not sure since I didn’t try it myself, but probably not? You need the lantern to get the keys but of course you lose that in the crypt so wouldn’t be able to get them afterwards. This seems a known/popular skip, don’t think people would use it if it broke the game state or didn’t really knock off much time.

So I love Resident Evil 4. I replayed it just last year, and it’s still my favorite in the series. Really didn’t think it needed an update. So I’m on the fence on getting this one: I have a real hard time understanding the point. If I have an “It ain’t broke” mindset about the original, will I still be happy with this remake?

I’ll have to give it a try then next time through.

I replay the OG (remaster) RE4 regularly, and this remake pushes me out of my comfort zone. They changed and mixed it up, so it is really a fresh experience again.