Why don't I like Resident Evil 4?


You may just be the wrongest person on the internet and that’s saying something; I’ve visited 4chan. (not often tho…)

jk but the merchant is amazing and I will brook no argument to the contrary

now that you mention it, it is weird, isn’t it?

Like the effing rest of the game is totally weird


A bunch of Capcom stuff incoming next week, including a new look at RE4.

Gah, 16 years ago.

eh, eh… I will not lose my calm

I tried the chainsaw demo earlier this week.

I really enjoyed it until I got the village, and then got overwhelmed. By that point I only have 10 bullets and if someone spots you, you get overwhelmed quickly. So I’m not sure what to think. Is that a forced stealth section, meaning don’t get spotted or else death is inevitable? Or am I supposed to use my 10 bullets and then kill everyone with the knife?

Anyway, very positive on the game overall. I knew that being able to move and shoot wouldn’t diminish the game in any way, it only adds to it. It’s still easy to get overwhelmed and the increased player control doesn’t take away the fear or the danger.

That was fucking funny. I’m so sorry i missed out on it 16 years ago.

If I remember correctly, you just need to run and survive long enough for some scripted event to occur.

Fantastic reviews overall. It sounds like it will be even harder to dislike RE4 this time around.

Oh crap. I always forget about running away. I keep forgetting that’s the key part about every Resident Evil game.

Wait, how many RE4 remakes are there, and do any of them support VR besides the Quest 2 version?

The new remake will support it on psvr2, Capcom said to. I guess it will be an update later, like RE8 supports it.

I was thinking, we had a few months full of action/horror games. Callisto Protocol, Dead Space remake, RE8 VR edition, Resident Evil 4.

We’ve got the System Shock remake coming up too.

And that other game that looked like a Dead Space type game. What was that called? Ah yes, Fort Solis. (Steam page). Q2 2023 apparently, if it doesn’t get delayed.

Challenge accepted!

Any deals currently better than the $50.something at Green Man?

Well that’s, uh, sure why not.

Rich Stanton says it’s not as good as the original.

That might seem entitled. But Resident Evil 4 was always a slightly crazy game. Where the first game’s mansion was coherent and semi-believable as a setting, Resident Evil 4 takes place in an unspecified European wonderland of bizarre contraptions, shooting galleries, medieval castles, and an endless menagerie of grotesque and toothy experiments. And a lot of it just hasn’t made the cut. One iconic sequence in particular—I’ll not say which as we’ve been asked to avoid revealing certain specific changes—has here been replaced with an utterly anodyne and short section that simply isn’t fit to lace the original’s boots.

This element of the remake begins to encroach more and more as the game hits its second half stride, and I can only describe it as timidity. Where the original felt like it was constantly over-reaching, always surprising the player with new demands, new environments, and wild one-off challenges, this seems content to settle into more of a standard corridor shooter rhythm. The combat is so good that even when the game’s unambitious it is borne aloft on a cloud of shotgun shells, but the further you poke into that soft underbelly the more standard it begins to seem.

Memories are obviously hazy things, but the castle always seemed to me a gigantic playground, filled with back-and-forth warrens and secrets to be uncovered. Here it feels like something designed by Naughty Dog, opulent and gorgeous and fun to walk through, but always with a very obvious big finger pointing out where to go next. I’m not saying the original game was some expansive freeform epic, because it wasn’t. It was every bit as linear as this. But it felt a lot bigger, and kept out-doing itself until the very end in a way that this just doesn’t.