Why don't they make these?

I’d play my driving games a lot more if only I didn’t have to get in the closet, drag out my big clunky wheel and pedals, clear off a hunk of desk for them, figure out where to displace my keyboard to (wheels and keyboard drawers don’t mix), etc.

This leads me to thinking about alternate racing controllers. The RC car guys have a great controller, in my opinion, and all we’d need to do is hang a usb cable off that bad boy - or a ps2/xbox plug. How about all 3?

Is that too much to ask? Traxxas used to make a fairly crappy one that is also unfortunately old-gameport style, so that isn’t going to work. I’d be racing all the time if the darn controller required to do it wasn’t such an albatross on my desk / living room.

I figure you need gas, steering, a shift rocker under your thumb, and you could get away with three buttons for the fingers gripping the controller.

Additionally, while I’m on it, why isn’t there a good FPS option for consoles? Belkin nostromo WSAD usb pad + mouse. That would rock, really. Metroid Hunters on the DS really impresses me with the stylus aiming. Why not make a console controller aimed at playing FPS games without the goofy 2-stick shuffle? (Yes yes, revolution. I mean for everything else)

I think I remember seeing one for the PS1 back in the day.

Don’t think I’ve seen one since, at least in the US (I could swear I saw one in Japan though).


Okay here are a few:
Interact Ultra Racer for N64 Google Images link
A similar one from Play-Asia, claims compatibility with the PS2 Zero Tech 2 Racing Controller

Neither is 100% like an RC controller, but are much different from the wheel. A buddy of mine ordered the Zero Tech 2 one, but I haven’t talked to him since he got it (assuming he got it).

Yeah, Namco made one, but it wasn’t as successful as the GunCon.

And just say NO to mice and keyboard for console games. Blecch!


UnionCarbide informs me that Madcatz made one - but no more.

If anybody on the board has USB electronics skills and can clue me, I’m just going to friggin build one.

PS - Just say YES to playing FPS games the way god intended.

Just say NO to the “billion hotkeys on a keyboard” kind of game design. And to moving with arrow keys. And especially to overly sensitive trackballs!



Not 1000 keys like your crazy Japanese sms messaging ps2 pad, sir. Just 10 good ones and a D-pad under your thumb + a mouse.

Wow, good job, that’s even worse! :P Mice and keyboards do not belong on consoles. Period.


Namco Jagcon made it out in the late nineties, which was basically a PSX controller with a little wheel on it. I never tried it, but seeing as it didn’t quite take off, I reckon it wasn’t a very good idea.

Hell, I couldn’t even find a decent picture of one.

If that’s the case, I will never play a FPS on a console.


Well, I’d agree with that. However, having a mouse would open up the world of RTS games pretty easily. Also, I just have some opposition to the sloppy aiming mechanics of most console shooters. I mean, you get the enemy in the big circle in the center of the screen and pull the trigger and the console assists you the rest of the way. I much prefer the “I know what pixel I’m aiming at” mouse approach. Also, you can be a LOT faster with a mouse, and console shooters tend to be less sensitive when you just want to turn 180. They’re ok for aiming around in front of you, but you can’t snap your view around.

Really the limitation I see is that you need a surface to rest this sort of apparatus on, and not just hold it in your lap. And I do agree that there’s a certain “purity” about controlling everything with a single device. But then again, racing games play much better with a wheel than a D-pad and you can’t convince me otherwise because I’ve done it. Likewise, I have the opinion that mouse is much better than twin sticks.

PS - your countrymen made THIS: http://image4.play-asia.com/350/PA.18420.009.jpg

Virtual RC is a racing game that simulates radio controlled racing as opposed to full scale racing. In addition to the game, they offer a USB adaptor that basically just acts as a regular RC receiver and pipes the transmitter’s info through the USB port. I guess the thought is that the majority of the people that sim RC racing would appeal to would be real-life RC racers too and would already have the wheel controller. Kinda expensive if you don’t already have the RC hardware, but it looks like a good solution otherwise.

Why arent anolog sticks twistable for this type of control?

They are. You can map a joystick’s z-axis for that purpose if you wish.

Mice and keyboards do not belong on consoles. Period

Nor do first person shooters, but there you go.

The two statements follow logically from eachother

Mouse and Keyboard are prequisites for FPS, I don’t care what anybody says.

… Unless of course the console and PC gamepad manufacturers grow some damn balls and move in to the third dimension with orbs, trackballs, and XYZ Joysticks instead of leaving everything flat.

As you can see, there was also a version for the PC. I own one - somewhere. IIRC it’s so old it uses the joystick port, not USB, and it basically functioned as a four-button joystick: the wheel acts as the X axis, the bottom “trigger” acts as the Y. Worked pretty well for its time, I thought, but who uses their joystick ports anymore? :-)

There are quite a few FPS games that work very well with a gamepad, but that’s certainly not an argument that needs to derail yet another thread.

Back on topic, the wheel controller thingies you’re talking about were actually worse than just using a gamepad for racing games. At least the ones I tried were. Maybe there are good ones out there but I couldn’t tell you which ones. I’ve always played a lot of console games, so I’m pretty used to the gamepad for racing. I’ve got a nice wheel for my PC, but I usually don’t go to the hassle of hooking it all up.