Why Hasn't (this game thing) Happened?

This thread is for expressing your “obvious” gaming related ideas. To get the ball rolling, here’s mine:

Wizardry 8 on iOS.

An actual “Spiritual successor” to MOM.

Sacrifice 2

Red Dead Redemption PC port.
Win 8 exclusive ports of hot 360 first/second-party titles.

Kinect/Wii/Move accurate golf with a real grip.

Accurate light gun shooting game.

Diggles II: Revenge of the Hamsters

This is not obvious.

Freespace 3

An official Lego game that plays like Minecraft.

I don’t understand why there hasn’t been some kind of open world Age of Sail adventure/sim type game. I had such fun with the naval missions in Assassin’s Creed 3, that would make a wonderful combat engine for the kind of thing I am thinking. My ideal would take place somewhere around the War of 1812, so might involve courtly intrigue and dealings with the King of England, Napoleon, Spain, all the world powers of the time. Maybe this is not a no-brainer necessarily, but I’d buy like a dozen copies if someone made it.

A 3D game that lets you shoot guns at bad guys using levels you can’t get lost on. You could add some kind of invisible trip wires that make-things-happen. It would be fabulous.

A recreation of that motion capture boxing arcade game on the kinect. Same for that motion capture light gun game.

Snow Crash.

There have been some attempts at this, such as Sea Dogs and the like, but they never seem to fully click with the concept. :/ Pirates! is probably still the best at this, but yeah, I’d love to be able to roleplay Horatio Hornblower type of situations, for example.

Some kind of marriage of Minecraft and Kerbal Space Program.

Lucky and Wild Wii.

An actual “Spiritual successor” to Baldur’s Gate 2.

Those are good games, but not exactly what I’m thinking of. Sea Dogs is a little too simmy, not very accessible. I like it, and probably if they just updated it with better UI and graphics that would help a lot. But in the same way that I find most submarine simulations too realistic to be very much fun, I don’t get a lot of joy from Sea Dogs.

Pirates, well, that’s just a classic. I have played the hell out of it in various incarnations. But it’s almost a collection of minigames than a campaign. I like it for what it is, but I feel like it could be more.

Make it 17th century instead and I’m there.

  1. game consumers gaining one iota of consumer rights and protections enjoyed by consumers of nearly every other goods or service

  2. a product release schedule that acknowledges the birth of video games and the reality that the demographic has aged and has disposable income (ie 90% of releases don’t need to be August to November since 18 to 35* year olds don’t need to wait for grandma to buy it as a Christmas gift).

*Yes, I know many fall outside this range, myself included, but this range seems to be what I see in articles and at game shops.