Why have we never seen an Alpha Centauri 2?

I mean the game got insanely good reviews, sold well, etc…

So why haven’t we seen a sequel? C’mon, someone dish the dirt…Brian Reynolds, we’re calling you… :)

I still like AC better than any of the Civ games.

aye, excellent question

I loved those little video vignettes each time I unlocked a new one. Remember the one for cloning? little baby chickens, going down a conveyor belt…

  1. AC was Brian’s baby.
  2. Brian is at Big Huge Games.
  3. Take Two (Firaxis) owns the rights I believe (possibly EA)
  4. Each Civilization version has sold more overall than AC.

I’d be fun to work on AC2, but, frankly, it wouldn’t be right without Brian.


Agreed. AC is the first 4x game that ever really sucked me in, and I have never loved another nearly as much.

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We need an AC2. I miss guiding my people to becoming beings of pure thought (the coolest vistory condition ever!).

I loved AC and still play it, but the endless proliferation of new units was stupid.

Still, neither Civ 3 or Civ 4 were anywhere close to as good.

Brian does visit here every so often…

— Alan

Someone make a deal, get some stuff done. Because damn if I don’t want to play SMAC 2. It’s the best 4x ever created.

I could have sworn I heard some teasing hints from Soren about SMAC 2?

I didn’t care too much for SMAC. It’s been so many years, I don’t fully recall why. I think maybe it was that the unit customization was a pita? And the technologies you researched were a bit too “far out”?

I’d give SMAC2 a serious look, though.

Even though the storyline was hard for some people to get into compared to a game like Civ that everyone can relate to, SMAC is still one of the best games of the genre. I was on the external beta test team and even from the first build we were sent I was hooked. The game systems were great, and by the end the balance was there as well. Sadly about a year ago when I went to install it on my new machine I couldn’t find the disks anywhere sniff.

Same here.

You can still buy it

Ah, a good quote. :) That brings back memeries, thanks Metta.

The game had style. Tons of it.

I also remember that susprisingly good book that could be downloaded from Firaxes site after AC was released, that described the background history of the “Unity” spaceship and various factions fighting to control it before it broke apart.

Did it? Anyone know what kind of numbers it put up?

I forget, is this one of those games that didn’t play nice on XP?

Because there is no God, and we live in a cruel and unjust universe?

I think it runs fine on XP. It pops up some kind of message box about it, and you have to click okay, and on my system it is invisible, but otherwise, it is fine.

I vaguely recall reading a blurb from Sid where he mentioned about revisiting SMAC with the Civ4 engine.

BTW, since I never got into SMAC, how does the end game compare with CivIV’s endgame?