Why I hate hp

Well I’m back after getting my computer back from Comp usa, and everything was working fine until I tried putting my hp printer back up. First I got a fatal error installing it, and my computer after being back for 30 minutes. Is there some trick for dealing with Hp? As I really don’t want to contact their tech support again.

No trick.

In general, when you install a printer, you have to install the software before you plug the printer into the usb port, though. Doing otherwise will usually result in a failed installation.

Remove any HP software that’s installed and start over.

and sacrifice a chicken.

You actually managed to contact them? Consider yourself lucky.

Fatal error? That doesn’t sound good… and it doesn’t sound like HP’s fault. Unless you were trying to install from a crusty old CD. Download their newest drivers (their site is actually very easy to find drivers on, since you can just type in what model you have and it’ll find them for you), install them, and see how it goes. If it fails again I’d look awfully hard at the computer itself.

I totally agree with the origainl post.

HP sucks.

I have bought two HP printers over the years and I have never got them to work with multiple PCs.

Like I said,

HP sucks.

My HP Laserjet 3P from 1989 sorta works, though. They just don’t
make them like they used to.

More anecdotal evidence ahoy!

I have one experience with an HP printer, and that’s the LaserJet 2600 sitting onthe desk nex to me. Works flawlessly. Then again, I have it hooked up through the network, so it’s not really ‘attached to a computer’.

My HP Deskjet 540 has worked on at least 4 different PCs now, from Win 95 to XP.