Why I hate my cable box

It’s the damn DVI out. I have a Scientific Atlanta 3250HD, and man is it a piece of shit. One of its primary selling points is the fact that it can do digital out via DVI. But it just doesn’t fucking work right… at least with SD. For example, setting it to “Fixed” mode, and having it output only 1080i, causes it to corrupt the signal when viewing SD channels – you get a nice, multicolored rainbow of shit on the left side of the picture. Same goes with the “Upconvert” settings. Setting it to “DVI Auto” causes it to send a 480i signal to my set with SD channels, which causes an “invalid mode” dialog to appear (apparently a 480i signal over a digital connection is not a good thing).

None of this happens over component. I’ve tried to live with some of the graphical artifacts, but it’s just too distracting. Does anyone own a Westinghouse 42" 1080p set and use digital out and it doesn’t suck? I’d love to hear about it.

I have some nice flashing lines at the top of the picture, and a nice blue line on the side of the picture with my Comcast DCT-6412 and DVI. I’ve just been pressing the size button on the remote and switching to “fit” mode when watching non-HD channel – yeah, I use a few lines off the top and bottom, and still have the odd blue line on the right, but it’s pretty good.