I just upgraded the firmware and now I’m writing this post on my PSP. How cool is that? Now… I need to find a keyboard, this post took FOREVER to compose!

Yeah, I remember seeing the Qt3 logo come up on my PSP and thinking, “Man, that is so frickin’ cool” and then never using it again. Very much like most of my experiences with the PSP.

Actually, I’m just kidding. I just did a preview of the next Untold Legends, which looks pretty awesomely sweet. And I can’t say enough good things about the Gottlieb pinball collection, Pinball Hall of Fame. And SOCOM on the PSP is totally the way to do a handheld FPS.


I got Metal Gear Acid with the PSP for Christmas.

…I can’t even wait through the introduction to this game. The level of inanity is just ridiculous.

Could you try? Or point me at a review wherein you’ve tried? Barring that, in the order of 1-3, rank the following:

Alien Crush, Devil’s Crush, Pinball Hall of Fame.

Yeah, I returned that one I think after 2 days. I just can’t stand the pacing and non-interactive cutscenes. Just completely anti-portable friendly.

MGA was very portable friendly, outside of the cutscenes which really aren’t very frequent. Not only does MGA offer Save and Quit at any point in the game (a must for true portability IMO) but its one of the few PSP games that doesn’t make you exit out of 20 developer and intro movies before you can even load up your game.

I completely justified my PSP purchase two days ago, when I got the freeware Sudoku working on it (subsequently, my wife is stealing my PSP from me).

I recommend that unless you absolutely need to, do not upgrade from 2.0 if you can help it. I’m not advocating downgrading at all, but being able to play Sam & Max on my PSP? - totally frickin awesome.

How and what and where?!?! You can’t mention that without providing a link Kryten!!

I’m not taking credit it for it, there was someone else at QT3 who provided the original link :)

Everything is at this site, http://www.fanjita.org/psp.html - basically, it uses a picture exploit to allow the use of unsigned code. Once you have the Eboot, you can run programs such as ScummVM and various others - the only other one I’ve tried is, as mentioned, Sudoku. That said, it’s been near flawless - I’ve had one or two issues with not being able to reboot the PSP, but whipping out the battery fixes that.

Wow I never had the reboot problem. I have had to hold the power switch up for ~10 seconds to turn it completely off sometimes. Did you try that?

The SNES emulator linked at Fanjita’s page works great as well.

Bookr also works perfectly and it lets you view pdf files!

For some reason the picture/background exploit doesn’t work if for me if I have other pictures stored on my PSP. So I just leave that folder empty besides the background picture.

I’ve only had the problem with a combination of 0.9 and Sudoku and even then only once or twice - not a massive problem! I haven’t checked out bookr yet, there’s a wee task for today.

Check the next Computer Games Magazine. Suffice to say, it’s the game for people who love real pinball instead of that goofy recent stuff with monsters and whatnot grabbing your balls.


Damn perverted monsters. Always after me lucky charms.

My most recent trip home for the holidays has completely confirmed to me the greatness of the PSP. I bought a 1GB Duo Pro (for $50 thanks to Slickdeals), updated the firmware, transferred over my save games, put on about 50 of my favorite Mp3s, ripped the first two episodes of Arrested Development and then tragged them over there as well. Along with Gottlieb Pinball, GTA LSC, and Burnout Legends it is the perfect entertainment device, plus I was able to VPN to my work email via wireless web at my friend’s house. I still have some great games to get through on my DS, but to me right now Gamecube:Xbox360::DS:PSP.

What’s the easiest way to upgrade your firmware? Without actually buying a game that has the new firmware with it…

That’s me. Guess I’ll check it out for Xbox.

And when the hell is someone going to do a Pinbot emulation for a console?

Ha ha, Justin, it looks like you meant that was you grabbing my balls!

Sorry, that was bad, huh?

BTW, I recommend Hall of Fame instead for the PSP. It’s a perfect handheld game, it’s looks totally sweet on the PSP, and that version has some extra tables you won’t get on the year-old Xbox version.


As long as it’s in good clean fun.

PSP browsing is good stuff. I read IGN’s DOA4 review on it.

psp.connect is what I use.

Shove it up your butt, wait for the connect charm to ring “Ding”. Then full-body flexx and gruny 3 times with all your might. You’re now upgraded to the next firmware. If you hear the intro PS music screen you’ve succeeded. If not, get some good pliars and maybe an emergency proctologist.

Some day I will stop posting Ambien laden slush here. :) :) :D