Why is the Sony Playstation network the slowest turd on Earth?

8 hours to download Star Wars Battlefront 2. I paused it and Steam took 30 minutes to download something nearly twice as big.

Funny isn’t it. In the UK the xbox network is a turd and the psn one is amazingly fast. My kids die a little every time a big update comes on the xbox.

Are you dowloading to a PS4? Because I don’t know if this is still a thing, but when I tried it a couple years ago it worked wonders - https://www.techadvisor.co.uk/how-to/game/speed-up-ps4-downloads-3676770/#:~:text=Speed%20up%20PS4%20downloads%20using%20a%20proxy%20server&text=Open%20CCProxy%20and%20click%20Stop,only%20be%20one%20other%20option).

Note I didn’t use that exact method - I have no experience with that proxy software. I used a docker container. Looking back at my old post I see it cut my time from 4 hours to 20 minutes.

Link to an earlier discussion about it on QT3 -

Yep I am. I also don’t run any apps or games when I want a download to come in as fast as possible.

That would explain why games updating themselves took geologic eras, I guess. (On PS3, I don’t own PS4.)

I don’t find it too bad on PS4. I feel like Gamepass on PC is slower. Steam usually screams.

Uplay is the worst in my (very recent) experience.

I did the proxy trick with my PS4 and it sped up downloads 50x. It’s easy to do and worth trying.

Spoken like someone who’s never patched Lord of the Rings Online or Dungeons & Dragons Online :)

Although, technically, I guess its not the download speed that dooms those.

Nintendo (especially during the pandemic) has got to be the worst!

I recently had to re-download almost everything because I changed to a new Switch & gave my wife the existing one for her Animal Crossing addiction. I’m getting 30 Mbps from the eShop despite our roughly 700 Mbps connection. Steam can manage 500 or 600 Mbps easily. Ridiculous.

Weirdly the poorly-regarded WiFi on the Switch is actually a bit faster than the Ethernet at 48 Mbps. Backwards and still ridulous!


The Switch is slow, but also finicky about resuming downloads. At least the PS4 will keep trying without user intervention!