Why is this news?

Second string film composer comes to gaming!

In other news, my big brother gave me his old shirt. It’s only got a couple of holes in it, but I’m a big boy now!

Same reason people got excited by Trent Reznor doing the Doom 3 music I guess…

See, Trent Reznor is a notable figure, I can understand that. When Danny Elfman signed on to do music for Fable, that was also news. If this was actually Hans Zimmer and not just his former assistant I could understand it.

This guy may be a great composer, I don’t know, but the whole newspost reminds me of a couple of small town old ladies getting excited because they met someone who once lived in Hollywood and might’ve seen Brad Pitt filming a movie from a distance, but it was hard to tell because he was so far away.

In his defense, Pirates of the Carribean had some nice scoring. Unfortunately, it was between 7 and 9.

I kid!

No, really, POTC had some really good music.

See, thing is, he wasn’t the primary composer. He was a “contributing composer,” which means he might’ve done a minute or two of music out of the whole score. Looking at his credits, he’s never had a primary composer credit on a major film.

I don’t see why the fact that he’s doing some game music is news worthy.

Scratch that, I do see why, I just think it’s ridiculous and stupid.

It’s like the press releases talking about how a game is enlisting “Hollywood talent” for voice overs and then you get names like Arnold Vosloo or Bill Bellamy.

Yes, I love the bit about how he was Zimmer’s assistant when Zimmer won an Oscar. It’s possible composing talent works by osmosis and bringing Zimmer coffee and like, I dunno, whatever the hell an assistant composer does will make this guy good.

I guess you guys are a bit clueless, but it’s understandable. Dooley is one of the many composers at Media Ventures, a music and sound composition group that Zimmer owns. MV has spawned many composers of similar style and ilk to Zimmer: John Powell, Harry Gregson-Williams, Trevor Rabin, Nick Glennie-Smith, Steve Jablonsky, Klaus Badelt, Mark Mancina, etc. It’s one of the reasons why their music (heavy synth, drums, etc.) sounds a lot alike and are used by particular producers (Bruckheimer for instance) for most of their works.

Much of Media Ventures’ works are shared compositions that have one listed composer and many tracks that are composed and conducted by a variety of in-house composers. Dooley is one of them and has worked on major films. No he doesn’t have a major film as primary composer to his credit, but it’s not as if he’s clueless either.

— Alan

Yeah, and Gregson-Williams already does videogames, as well as being s primary composer on major films. Dooley is one of the lesser known MV guys.

The subject of mockery is the breathlessly excited press release about hiring a nobody, not that SOCOM 3 will have bad music.

I just don’t think he’s a nobody; to sign a MV composer is a few steps above nobody status. If they had brought some guy right out of school then sure I can see the mockery being warranted.

It’s a small news piece to boot. These days whenever they get a composer to do a work for a game there’s always some sort of news item.

— Alan

Perhaps a quibble, but I don’t think that MV “spawned” Trevor Rabin, he was in Yes for 10+ years, and did a lot of stuff before & after that.

Spawn, evil spawn!

Of course MV has been criticized (rightly so in many cases) for basically fostering a deluge of uninspiring heavy-synth/drum cookie-cutter music which all sounds the same after awhile. I think the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack is probably the most disappointing of a big movie - it’s completely lame. On the opposite end of the spectrum, John Powell’s work with the Bourne Supremacy is friggin’ awesome. Zimmer’s scores seem to have cycles of lameness and greatness; I think he’s currently in a lame cycle (Batman Begins did not seem all that great).

— Alan

I’m still waiting for the day things go the other way and someone hires Martin Galway to score a major motion picture… :P

<listens to Parallax>


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