Why it took 40 years to make Carmageddon: Max Damage

Thanks for the film history lesson!

“The Cars That Are Paris”
“The horrifying angle is [o]f that social pact being willfully violated.”

It sounds like the crown for circumstantial comedy has moved to Hitman. I refer here to the latest, episodic game. The game has a certain comedic tone, but the funniest bits that I’ve seen spectating it is when someone’s elaborate plans fall apart and they are forced to frantically bail out. On the occasions when they do manage to pull it off, it’s outstanding.

As a Brit, this made me laugh out loud.

As a driver with an unshakable respect for the danger of driving, I loved:

Came for the game review and stayed for the movie insight. Excellent article.

Great review I missed. I feel like a very bad person at how much I laughed at all those clips :)

I just wonder how he could make one BIG typo here. Carmageddon 1 was released in 1997, NOT 1993.
he got all the other years right so i got no idea how he missed that.
It would’ve been crazy if it released -93 with such physics and huge maps, deformable cars.