Why not assassination?

Yes, another war with Iraq thread. If you don’t like it, pretend it’s a post about Sniper, Path of Vengeance.

So, there might be an easy answer to this question, but I have a feeling it’s actually a pretty complicated issue: Why don’t we get someone to assassinate Saddam Hussein?

Obviously, Saddam spends a lot of time and effort trying to stave off assassination. Is he doing such a good job that it would be impossible?

I’m pretty sure assassination is not an accepted form of international politics. What if we helped or just encouraged an opposition fighter to pull the trigger?

Saddam’s a big part of the social order in Iraq, but could it continue in it’s current mode without him? Would it get worse? Would the death of that one man make it easier for opposition forces to take Baghdad? Or would Tariq Aziz merely become the new Saddam Hussein?

Surely we are looking at that option now. We may be even talking to Iraqi govt. officials who are eager for his ouster.

Hussein is either a paranoid nut or his own people are already trying to get rid of him (most likely both). He is locking folks up left and right. His relative the defense minister for one. Who knows how many less high profile citizens are simply dissapearing.

The source also claimed that several other high-ranking military and government officials had been arrested in the past few days. Any signs of dissent within Baghdad will be watched very closely by US and other intelligence services.

So, there might be an easy answer to this question, but I have a feeling it’s actually a pretty complicated issue: Why don’t we get someone to assassinate Saddam Hussein?

  1. It would legitimize assassination as a foreign policy tool.
  2. The dictator that would no doubt rise in his place would be just as bad.

Extensive efforts are underway to foment/finance an internal coup against the Mustache. But it’s a hard proposition – you’d be hard pressed to even discuss such a matter if you knew the first wind of it would bring about the death by torture of your entire family.

Even so, I consider this a much more likely outcome than most pundits seem to be according it. It’s a deal that makes sense for everybody.

Well, I can think of at least one person who probably wouldn’t be too pleased. :lol:

My guess is it can’t be done. If it could the Israeli’s would have taken care of it after the desert storm.

Oh, brilliant. You want to talk about “destabilizing the region,” try having Mossad kill an Arab leader. Even if it is Saddam. Yeah, that’ll go over real well.


Besides, we all remember Somalia and we couldn’t even take out (or capture) a complete and utter idiot. In a third world country no less.

Bottom line, its not as simple as it sounds

While assassination is the highest form of public service, it’s also been made illegal by executive orders by every President since Carter. Of course that’s easy enough to overturn - just requires an executive order rescending it, but that would cause major waves in the international community. So not likely

Even if it were made legal - who’s going to do it? You have two choices - someone from the US military (probably a Marine if you’re going to do a sniper scenario), or a local.

Problem with someone form the military - you have to get them into the country, unnoticed with a weapon. They have to be able to move around a country where estimated 2 out of 3 people are informants for the various internal security services, with a weapon. Then you have to get them out of the country after the shooting is done.

Problem with a local - Untrained, unedcuated. Same issues with moving aroudn the country with a weapon. People like this are usually incredibly unreliable…

Anything else - precision weapons, posion, whatever is also not possible - you just can’t get that close, and he has a food taster. He has a semi large personal gaurd made up of his family - around 20, plus his palace gaurds which is around a brigrade in size (if memory serves, could be wrong on that number, but the palace gaurd is a FORMIDABLE number). Saddam’s entourage doesn’t know where he’s going until 5 minutes before they leave, and they never know where he’ll sleep that night. He’s got numerous photo doubles that make apparances, and he uses duplicate convoys so you can’t just hit his car with a Smart Bomb.

Someone did try to assissinate Saddam’s son a couple of years ago - 4 or 5 guys with AK’s emptied a clip each into his BMW with him inside - he was lucky to have lived, and they escaped unscathed.

Also, say you do assissanate Saddam…then what? His cousin or his son takes over the government, who are, by all accounts, as bad or worse as Saddam on the miscalculating consequences of actions and human rights violations. Neither of these people would lead to a stable government in Iraq.

Oh, I thought this thread was about Bush, not Sadaam. Sorry!

And doesn’t he also have like eight body doubles that look very similar to him? I seem to remember something about that after the last Gulf escapade. Now you not only have to find one well-guarded paranoid megalomaniac, you have to find the RIGHT one.

Hmm…starting to think nobody actually reads my posts…:P