Why Origin will never compete with Steam

I got an invitation from the folks at Origin to complete a short survey, 'cuz I’m such a “highly valued customer.” I figure, why not… and the kicker is a $20 promo code upon survey completion!

The survey was short, and basically asked why I didn’t use Origin as much as some of the other download services. I answered honestly: your selection and pricing structure sucks, EA.

I get the promo code, and go to Origin to use it to get The Walking Dead. It doesn’t work. No error code, no explanation, nothing. I had to go on live chat to learn that the code is basically restricted to EA first-party games only.

And that is precisely why Origin will never compete with Steam. They just don’t get it.

Yep, mostly selection. And bugs. And lousy sales. I guess it’s pretty good if you’re a huge Sims fan.

They just wanted you to feel good about your survey answers and prove you right.

#5 They only do promos in N.A.

Just to play devils advocate, how many coupons have you gotten on steam that were for non-valve games? I’ve not yet seen any there. I’ve only gotten 50% or 25% off a valve title.

75% off Serious Sam 3, 75% off Nexuiz, 33% off a Bethesda title off the top of my head. I know I’m forgetting a ton; coupons were a huge part of their winter sale last year.

Because they give the middle finger to the entire gamers population of the world which doesn’t reside in the USA.

Indeed, i think i got 3 coupons for valve stuff from that last Christmas coal thing.

Steam has a greater selection, a better UI and better features. Origin has the advantage of being required for certain big name games. In theory origin can improve their service so they are equal to steam in the mentioned areas, but steam will likely never have origin games again. Valve isn’t really making any games lately so not having valve originals isn’t a huge deal at all.

However, i don’t expect origin to improve in the short term.

Beyond a tech perspective, digital distribution is all about trust because if the owner of the service wanted to screw their customers, the customer has absolutely no defense/recourse of any kind. Valve is much more trusted and liked than EA, so when people have to decide who to hand their money with a hand written IOU, they pick valve when given the choice.

There are thousands of titles that are discounted on Steam every year, first and third party. You don’t have to give out coupons if your every day price is good or if you heavily discount games a few times a year. EA gives out coupons that don’t work on most of the games, if they give they give them out at all, send out a bunch of discounts that, again, don’t include any current game, and that’s before we get to how slow Origin is. It’s taking me forever just to browse their awful store.

I used that twenty buck coupon on Saboteur. But yeah, the store is inexplicably slow.

While I agree that EA doesn’t get it, that coupon will get you a $0 game (or, before they fixed it, as many $20 EA-published games for $0 as you cared to stack up). Valve does some deep discounts but I can only recall a couple of times they’ve gone to free.

The total amount of discounts I enjoyed at Steam, easily equals the price of several games.
And I didn’t have to live in the states for it.

The only reason origin is even on my pc is so I can play Battlefield 3. Every bit of it is awful.

It does have one good feature, it relays chat messages to offline friends.

I’d take a free £20 coupon for a 2 minute survey and not bitch about it at all, however I like in the UK so no go here.

the prolem is that EA don’t seem to actually be gamers. Gabe is a gamer, most definitely, and everyone at valve seems to be gamers, meaning they likely USE steam.
Rule #1 of business is to eat your own dog food, ie: use your own product.
EA is run by business dudes first, gamers second, so they don’t understand why steam is so far ahead.
I’ve said for years, that every other direct distribution portal has been in denail about how desperately they were losing. If I ran impulse, gamersgate, origin, any of them, I’d be running them at a loss, or at the very least, to make no money. You’d have to commit that for maybe a decade to grab enough market share to survive against steam.

Microsoft get this. Just look at the balance sheet over time for the xbox. They know how to fight for market share, and how desperate that battle needs to be, to win.

I see Steam as starting as DRM for HL2, leveraged by the vast “free” HL mod userbase.
But, from the beginning, they gave something back. That evolving infrastructure has sated me when it was bl**dy down. Sometimes, its now annoying playing a non steam game.

Well, then you just haven’t paid attention.

This year, they’ve had five or six “50% off a selection of EA titles” or “a selection of games for an even €5 price” deals. I managed to snag the Saboteur, Bulletstorm, Dead Space, Dead Space 2, Dragon Age: Origins for 5,= each; Alice for 10,= (base price on Steam: 50,= so good luck with those 75% off deals); and The Secret World for 25,=. I had already bought Mass Effect 3 in a store for 25,= when that game enjoyed a 50% discount this summer, too.

I agree with the OP that their messaging is awful (see above, where you haven’t been paying attention - they can’t get the message out apparently). But also outside the USA, their deals are pretty decent, every now and then.

PS don’t look now - they’re advertising a sale that isn’t, with Mass Effect 3 discounted to 50,=. Well, there’s a cheap Sims stuff pack.

I think this will end up being a smart deal, and it would surprise me if they didn’t do it again in the not too distant future.

I do love how some people are using the code to get multiple free games while thinking that they’re really taking it to EA, though. Talk about clueless.

Again, I think Steam is doing a way better job overall. But there’s no comparing savings on games you still spent money on to free. I have friends who have no discretionary spending money at all who were able to take advantage of this offer, and they can’t bite on Steam sales, no matter how good.