Why Puss in Boots The Last Wish depiction of a Panic Attack is Important.

I thought this was fascinating. I absolutely loved the movie - it’s probably up there with Into the Spider-verse in terms of visuals alone but it was also just an excellent movie start to finish - and I remember the scene they are talking about of course, but this did drive home how well done it was.

Well now I have to see it.

I’ve had one memorable panic attack, maybe 5 years ago. It felt like the entire world shrank down to the size of a marble. Nothing like that, really, before or since. Worry about my significant other at the time and how life was going to play out brought it on. It was a challenging time. Challenges are different, now, but nothing quite so existential, thankfully.

I had my first one about 5-6 years ago as well, right before my wedding. It was a few days before and stuff was just piling up and suddenly I could barely breathe and barely think and I just stood there, frozen. Was super scary. I’ve gotten close to that a couple of times since, but never to that initial degree.

Highly recommended - just an excellent film. Did you see the first one and/or Shrek? Those aren’t required, but if you enjoyed them at all this will be a treat for you. If not, I stand by this being a movie most anyone would get something out of.

I had no idea this movie existed. I certainly wouldn’t have realized it was worth seeing. Nice to see a good mental health message in a movie for kids, though. I enjoyed the first Shrek (the second was diminishing returns, the rest… eh) but never saw the Puss spinoffs.

I’ve only seen two of the Shrek films.

Puss in Boots, I believe, was introduced in the second film - it’s the same character/world. The first Puss in Boots was also excellent, honestly, and I highly recommend it as well (some characters return from the first movie in this sequel).

Not that it’s for adults, but Netflix does have a 5 season Series based on Puss in Boots. Sadly, not much tie in with the Cinematic universe.

My cousin watched this over the summer, and while it’s been on my list since then so I can’t speak directly about it, he loved it and went on about it almost every day while he was watching it - it is for a younger target audience than even the films, but it sounds like it’s super fun and funny.

Yeah, I don’t want to over promise, but my kids enjoyed it a lot, and like the best kids shows, parents can easily watch it with, or without them.

It’s no Bluey, Avatar or She-Ra, but it’s very enjoyable, none the less.

Also, it does have some decent humor that goes over the kids heads.

I saw the trailer like 4 times thanks to previews and it really made me not want to see it.

Saw it this afternoon because my son wanted to, and I found it far better than it had any right to be.

Guillermo stole the show but the whole cast was great.

Watched this with the kids last night, 10 and 12. We all really enjoyed it. Laughed a lot, enjoyed the art style and characters. My daughter did empathize with one of the characters a lot and ended up crying multiple times, but at least the character got a happy ending.

I saw this with my four year old, which was a mistake: there’s some scary stuff in here. Other than that, I thought it was sufficient. Certainly not bad, and there’s lots to enjoy, but the breathless reviews it is getting are way overblown.

Like the one starting this thread! The “realistic depiction” of a panic attack is that Puss In Boots gets really scared, his heart beats super fast, and then a dog cuddles him until he feels better, no worse for wear. Like, it’s a sufficient depiction of a panic attack, but one we’ve seen in movies a million times. Just not sure why that warrants the accolades.

I’ve now seen this three times. My almost five years old loves it.

Animation and art style are almost on par with Spiderverse and the Mitchell’s.

Script is actually really good for what it is (it’s not as good as those two movies, but it’s pretty solid and hits some truthful chords). Highly recommended, imho.

I’m curious, did it come at a particularly stressful point in the movie or just out of nowhere and for no reason?

I have had two panic attacks in my life, both were waking up in the middle of the night and having the strangest sensations of fear and dread along with heart palpitations. No rational reason to feel that way either, and it took about an hour to get close to normal again.

Actually I have had a third, but that was in response to a medical diagnosis (not terminal or anything like that) and I find the other two much more interesting as there was no external reason for them to exist.

It’s triggered by Puss’s fear of Death.

All us Mortons thought this was a very good movie with excellent animation.

Yeah, now you mention it, I recall Ted Lasso’s panic attack from season 2, late 2021. I found that much more impactful.

I guess a notable difference being that PiB is aimed at a child audience, so serves a message that will get to that demographic.

The OG panic attack:

I guess? I mean, it’s never called a panic attack, or presented as anything besides fear, so I’m not sure how meaningful it will be as a way of raising awareness among kids that what they’re feeling is something more serious than being scared. But maybe it will connect with some kid. I think, though, it’s more likely to connect to the kind of adults who write that CNN article, and need to feel that movies aimed with kids need some greater hook to be taken seriously.

Just to be clear: I liked it. I’d say it’s a solid 3/5, where most kids animated movies are lucky to rank above 2/5. But I really don’t think it’s as consequential as it is being made out to be. But like the last Minions movie, which also got bizarrely breathless reviews, it’s only ‘great’ because people’s expectations for this kind of movie are so low.