Why so many unplayable songs on Spotify?

I’ve got a premium subscription and all, so why are so many songs grayed out? One time I wanted to hear The Girl from Ipanema from the famous Getz-Gilberto album, and nope, not available. Today I wanted to hear “Ill Wind” – no, not the old jazz/blues one but the patter novelty one by Flanders and Swann set to the melody of a movement from one of Mozart’s horn concertos, where a guy complains about getting his French Horn stolen – same thing.

Really annoying.

I’m guessing its a regional rights issue? Songs only available in certain markets. I think there is a setting somewhere that hides all unavailable songs, so you don’t even see the greyed out titles.

Both of those tracks are showing as playable for me. Links to the albums in question below:

Are you in the US or UK? I’m in the US, and when I click on that first link for the album, the first The Girl from Ipanema is grayed out (the one where João Gilberto starts singing in Portuguese and his wife Astrud chimes in right after with the English lyrics). And yet the song is available from a different album called Getz/Gilberto (Expanded Edition) for some reason.

And the second song is this one, although this link is not from the recording with piano accompaniment:

This is the album where the song “Ill Wind” was grayed out:

Don’t know why the links are showing up generic like that. Any ideas @stusser ?

@Charmtrap, did you form your Spotify links in some special way? When I “shared” the links to the album and song from my Android phone’s app they just came up generic like that.

Nope. I just used the Share/Copy Album Link button in the three dots menu next to the album and then pasted it here. Like so:

I’m using the desktop client to copy from, for the record.

I’m not 100% sure what I think of this new AI Spotify DJ function but I do like his musical taste so far.

I agree, I’ve had that feature for a while now (a year?) and enjoy it.

DJ has decided my main vibe is blues, which isn’t exactly right (but close!). That’s ok, I can always listen to more blues.

Hmm, i recently got premium, maybe it’s related to that