Why the hell are my theme colors total [sic] fucked up?

Sorry, I dunno what suddenly happened, but I can say throughout my entire life, I have been surrounded by people from sixteen different nations. Even right now, in Japan.


Why the hell are my theme colors total fucked up? It doesn’t make any sense! Nonsense!

The blue preview is the only correct theme! (green). I love dark mode just as much as the next guy just…this is busted!

What is happening?

Change the theme, restart your browser, clear cache/cookies, the usual, etc.

I did, nothing changes. Funny that the title got changed. The only thing.

Still jackshit / give a shit.

Just confused. Why did my theme change for no fucking reason?

Do I need a query parameter? Doubt. I switch to a different PC and it’s right as rain.

Just rub a little dirt in it, it’ll be fine.

I would highly recommend changing to another browser to validate if it is based just on your current browser and settings or from QT3 itself.

Yeah, nobody else seems to have any difficulty.

Edit: Dude, I have no idea. It seems to be just your user. Logged-out works. My user works. I impersonate and login as you, and themes are jacked! Impersonate Skipper, and everything works too, so it isn’t an admin thing.

Other than Patreon your users are nearly identical, same trust levels. Seriously weird.

Database issue for his user regarding the theme?

It would have to be, right? It’s bound to his user profile so some record there has an error regarding the profile variables as stored?

If you’re not using Solarized Dark, than the problem is you.

That sounds possible but it so no clue how to fix it. Sigh, I dread going to their forums asking for support.

Are they not filled with cheerful do-gooders full of knowledge and gumdrop smiles?

Rogue, what does your profile actually show for the setting?

Is anything there different on your profile, aka, regardless of colors, do you have any settings that aren’t default?

I tried switching that stuff when I impersonated him.

Well damn. Not sounding good then.

Switching themes doesn’t do anything. It’s perma-stuck. On my phone I have the purple april fools colors now…

What a world.

The heck … so it randomly changes?

My phone theme was actually correct up until yesterday. It has switched to purple town.

P.S. My work PC also. Cleared cache/cookies and re-logged in. No change. On Firefox it’s like my OP.

Did you try changing your password? Maybe someone has your login info and they’re messin’ with you.

Doubtful. I got two different themes on two different devices in real-time. Not to mention the same device but two different browsers.

The kicker is none of them are the original theme I chose.

Maybe stusser could temp disable the April fools time sensitive Purple Joy Theme site wide and see if that interacts with it.

It sounds like a clock issue somehow. There’s not something about your profile’s timezone?