Why the Internet is crap

Okay, it’s actually shit but I thought I’d tone it down. Maybe it’s because I’ve spent too much time on the net the past few days but I agree with this guy. It scares me how much the students at school rely on the internet and the faith they have in the accuracy of whatever they are cutting and pasting.
The bit about surfing for hours looking for amusement rather than going outside and having fun also strikes a note.
It’s a sunny day now, I am just going outside, and may be some time.

What about when it’s way TOO sunny to go out and have fun? It’s around 98 degrees here right now. If I went out and tried to “have fun”, I’d be dropping from heat stroke in about 30 minutes. I’m a cold weather boy stuck in the tropics. :(

If its too loud, your too old.

What’s that you say? A cup of tea? Yes that would be lovely. Maybe we can have a walk later.

I’ll just have a little nap first.

Industry Dwarf

Most of everything is shit. The internet is no different.

Outside is highly overrated.

However, your points about the perils of the intarweb are duly noted. It’s true that when any jackass can start a web site on the same basic footing as the New York Times, you have to be careful about sources.

Wumpus, I think you forgot a wink :wink: at the end of your post.