Why the publisher of adventure game Kathy Rain doesn't mind that it's a failure

Title Why the publisher of adventure game Kathy Rain doesn't mind that it's a failure
Author Tom Chick
Posted in News
When May 23, 2016

Kathy Rain is a bit of Nancy Drew for adults meets Gabriel Knight for non-hardcore adventure gamers. So far I haven't run into any puzzles involving cat fur and maple syrup..

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I'm considering buying a copy after hearing this.

I'm always down for a new adventure game. So when you say non-hardcore, do you mean light on puzzles, like a Telltale game?

Is it worth it? I pretty much buy the games you recommend Tom.

Oh, I couldn't say yet. I'm way too early to get an overall sense for it. But I'm enjoying that sort of pithy early Lucasarts presentation with a modern sensibility.

Correct, but my only frame of reference for Telltale's game is the early Walking Dead episodes, which I didn't like one bit. :(

adventure games are sooooo niche nowdays i dont think they have had much hype since like the 90s when they were a huge thing especially on pc was all about the point and click games and space sims.

It's similar to the Wadjet Eye games.

There were probably more adventure games released last year than any year at the height of the 90s, probably more than for a good chunk of the 90s combined. You just don't hear about them, but even a semi-successful modern adventure game probably out-sells any from the 90s as well. The market is MUCH bigger now.

"As part of the publishing agreement, Raw Fury is paying Hasto to keep working for the next year, regardless of what he’s working on."

Isn't this basically the old school music publishing template?

Purchased and played the starting scene for a bit, thumbs up so far! Thanks for the tip!

There are many high profile graphical point-and-click games these days: Life Is Strange, the many Telltale franchises, Wadjet Eye, Her Story, Double Fine, Dreamfall Chapters, etc. If you include puzzle-adventure games like The Room and walking simulators like Gone Home, the list is even larger. This doesn't even touch on visual novels, romance simulators, the Choice Of games, Failbetter-likes, Twines, and traditional parser IF, which are all thriving sub genres.

yeah i know i meant popularty wise im not complainin i love the genre i play most iof them myself :D

Publishing deals like this remind me of medieval patrons of the arts. Set a guy up in an apartment somewhere and just let him create.

"the developer can[']t survive"