Why won't Firefox log me into Qt3?

I recently changed my account e-mail address and password to update security and on IE11 this isn’t a problem (at work), but on home Firefox and IE11 every time I come to Qt3 I have to log back in, even if I check the “remember me” password. I’ve tried deleting the saved passwords out of the Security section of Firefox options, and then did “Remember Me” on my next log in, but then I closed the browser and re-opened it again and once more needed to re-enter the credentials. Chrome seems to remember me and auto-logs me in, but Firefox and IE11 (at home) don’t for some reason. Any ideas?

Are you blocking cookies?

Nope, nothing like. This was working just fine until I changed my password, that’s when it all started. Very strange.

I think I fixed this by selecting all the quartertothree cookies and removing them, closing my browser and re-logging into the site. I just closed the browser and came back and it was working. No idea why it took sleeping on it to come up with that fairly obvious solution, but hey, it worked so I’m happy!