"Why wont those idiots let me into their crappy club for jerks?”

But attempting to gain membership at NeoGAF is an intimidating process that often ends with hurt feelings, particularly since rejection is delivered in a blunt email (which can take up to three months to arrive) with no explanation why the applicant was shunned. “This is like the third time in like three to four years I’ve tried to register an account [at NeoGAF],” complains a poster named Aszurom over at the Quarter to Three [QT3] gaming, media, and tech forums. “The first time I got an actual rejection letter; other times were silent ignore.”Derogatory remarks about NeoGAF follow Aszurom’s complaint, punctuated by an anti-NeoGAF illustration or two. “WTF is a NeoGAF?” asks a member named Mightynute.

“Imagine the bastard child of QT3 and a Twilight fandom board,” responds a member named Kraaze.

I laughed.

This is one of those rare occasions where Groucho Marx’s famous maxim is especially called for.

I applied once ages ago and got rejected. Didn’t care enough to try again. It seems like a slightly more games oriented Something Awful over there. Who needs that?

They let me in right away when I applied a few years ago. I’ve probably only been over there a couple dozen times in all, though. The traffic is sooo heavy, and despite the moderation the S/N ratio’s not great there.

I think the bigger question is how IX*Aszurom got past Tom’s vetting here.


I did an account several years ago, but it never got activated. I can log in with it, but later it says I can’t post. /shrug

I personally feel that NeoGAF is one of the best places on the entire internet for discussion, simply because of it’s absolutely no bullshit moderation hammer. Such a place of that size would be a complete shit show if they had any more lax moderation. Look at any other large forum anywhere.

Sure, people get butt hurt because they didn’t make it past the sometimes arbitrary filter, but if that filter didn’t exist there couldn’t be a place like NeoGAF.

NeoGaf makes for great reading, in fact I think of it more like a news aggregator than a forum. You really don’t need an account to get good value out of visiting there. Denny has a point though, the volume and pace of updates is just crazy. But I’m probably just more used to the more lackadaisical pace of Qt3 anyway.

why don’t they have any sub-forums?

And why is the default text so small?

And what in the world are they doing on jellyfish’s lawn in the first place?

This is a test post to see if Tom et al. have actually approved my posting status…

Per Tom’s (automatically generated) instructions, last week I sent him what was, in my humble opinion, a delightful little email. I’ve been patiently awaiting his reply so that I might take my place among the chosen few who are deemed sufficiently tolerable and/or non-robotic to warrant posting privileges. :-)

However, the irony of lurk-reading my way through this thread has convinced me to make a first attempt.

Hello. I think you people are swell.

Also, this is what I thought I liked about Qt3:

“I think the ‘gaming IQ’ of posters on NeoGAF is as high as it is anywhere,” he says. “Quality posts, diverse, intelligent opinions, and a large community -— it’s pretty special.”

…But now that I’ve worked up the courage to register here, I guess I need to abandon these dregs and spend the next half decade lurking over at NeoGaf… :P

That’s like my favorite thing about gaf.

I am so glad my application got accepted at QT3. Now I feel so special :)

I thought they just throttled new account creation to keep server load reasonable and the community from spinning out of control. It’s not like there’s an application form or something.

20 September, 2010

2 1/2 years. Really keeping up with the times.

I registered there about a year ago, and it took about 3 months to get approved. I still haven’t posted there yet. The threads there go much too quickly for me to keep up with them.

This is why I mostly don’t bother with SA’s Games subforum either. Too much content posted too quickly to keep up and still have a life.

Seriously. Lots to dislike about GAF (the tone can be aggressively sexist, especially in Off-Topic) but the lack of a long list of sub forums for every possible topic is not one of them.

It’s the place I go to for stuff that isn’t talked about here. I go here for the stuff that I don’t like the way they talk about it over there.

I really enjoy some of their OTs. DA2 and Deus Ex:HR still get a chuckle out of me. AWESOME!

I don’t know. I heard getting a registration approved could be an ordeal, but when I did it a couple years back I was approved almost immediately. Maybe usernames that look like real names get fast tracked?