Why Wumpus is cool

I got my DDR-style PS2 dancepads in the mail yesterday. Thanks Wumpus! StepMania has been acting up a little big lately, I’m going to try DWI when i get home. Mrs. Ace seems to think it’s amusing, but she got impatient quickly when StepMania didnt recognize steps for a while.

For my own enjoyment, I made another user on my XP machine named DANCE DANCE. When you log in as DANCE DANCE windows automatically starts up SM, and when you exit SM, windows logs you back out. This (hopefully) makes the dancing process foolproof for guests.

I accomplished this through writing a simple batch file like:

@echo off
call stepmania
logoff -logoff

logoff is just a simple .exe i downloaded, you can guess what it does.

Any more ideas on making the dancing more user-friendly?

It’s horrible, the only dance game you can get for the PS2 in Sweden is Britney Dance Beat :(

Well, yeah, but what other ones would you need?

Any more ideas on making the dancing more user-friendly?

Get a Playstation 2 and a copy of DDR MAX. :D

ah, the old “throw $200 at the problem” trick ;P

that’s the one i normally use, but this month i’m poor.