Why you should never put your picture on the Internet

Saw this on Shacknews. I dunno, I think it’s hysterical.



Evil… but fun!

Those pictures are from a Fark photoshop thread that was up a week or so ago.

Was first posted here on this thread - http://www.quartertothree.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=10342

Sorry, then, about the double posting.

So you’re saying you don’t read every thread on the board? I’m beginning to doubt your level of commitment here, Brian.

So you’re saying you don’t read every thread on the board? I’m beginning to doubt your level of commitment here, Brian.[/quote]
I’m sorry, Tim, you’re right, I’m severely doubting my Tolling abilities at this point.

oh damn, I forgot to pay.

The sad part is, the original thread is sitll on page 1 of EE :P


This is so odd. I optimistically picture most internet dudes as looking more or less like Tom Chick, yet I picture Tom Chick as balding, maniacal, and unkempt. Which is how most internet dudes probably look. It’s crazy.

Strangely enough, if I shaved off my goatee, I think I’d look like Tom Chick. I say this because Tom has a passing resemblence to Bob Saget, and before the goatee, everyone said I looked like Bob Saget.

Does this make you feel better, Bill?

In ways you cannot possibly imagine, Derek.

May I ask at this juncture, are you actually Derek Meister, or have you simply been known in the past as “The DerekMeister?” I ask purely for empirical data.

That indeed is my actual name.

When I was in grade school, I got no end of grief around christmas time when the Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town stop-motion animation special would be shown on television, thanks to the villian being named “Burgermeister Meisterburger”.

Later on, I went through a period of confusion when people who didn’t know my last name would jokingly call me “The Derek-meister” as I hadn’t seen that Saturday Night Live sketch with the “copy guy” and his “<something>-meister” llines until well afterwards.

Huh, almost all of them are reposts then. All of these pictures I recognize as being well over a year old. I don’t remember the Mary Kate and Ashley one, or the Finding Nemo one, but I recognize all of the others.

Sorry for your past torments, but I’m relieved to find out that it is actually your name, as opposed to your own idea of a cool internet handle.

Those fucking stop-action bastard films. Burl Ives is a monster. My first name is Henry, and I never heard the end of AHAHAHAHA HEY HERMY D’YA STILL WANNA BE A DENTIST after that Rudolph show.