Why you're not getting Alan Wake 2

Title Why you're not getting Alan Wake 2
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in Games
When May 23, 2013

Sam Lake, Remedy Entertainment's creative director, wants Alan Wake fans to know that they would love to make a full sequel to the 2010 horror game, but that the game's original sales just didn't support the development of a full-fledged installment..

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Here's hoping that hitching their ride to the Xbox One doesn't kill them. See you in a few years, Remedy.

Oh it is so delicious to see the bozos who gave PC gamers a big middle finger with their "We're not making a PC version because we think this game is better played on a couch (really, it's not just because Microsoft gave us a big bag of money not to)" nonsense now standing sad-faced, hats in their hands, begging PC gamers to give them more than a penny for their mediocre games.

I feel a little odd buying a game for a dollar that I had once been so enthusiastic about and pimped to my friends. You know, before they took a dump in our laps and told PC gamers to get fucked.

Alternative article title: "Save for it for me, Sam"

Additionally, maybe you could save the money wasted filming the last segment of your video, Sam, totally uncalled for.

Right. Totally not worth pursuing a followup to a game with strong long term sales that could have been enhanced dramatically by treating PC users like first-class citizens. Much better to make an (presumed) exclusive for a hilariously badly conceived console that's likely to be DOA. I totally get that.

There's a lot of hate directed at a company that had no say over the delay of the PC version being released. I was under the impression it was widely known that Microsoft was the reason for the holdup.

Also as soon as the PC version came out, the support in form of patches and added customizable options has been way better than most AAA titles (I'm looking at you, Tomb Raider), So I see no reason to hate on Remedy like people seem to

If you're going to take Microsoft's money and get in bed with them, you don't get to wash your hands of how they represent you and your game.

Man, it's kinda weird to see Max Payne's face without hearing Max Payne's voice

I will keep patience with my trust vested upon them.The longer they take the better they can develop the next Alan Wake.like EIDOS did to Hitman.Let's look at Quantum Break.

I still have a dream that one day Sam Lake will do another max payne! Good God how awesome would that be?

Well, this is interesting - still no sequel but maybe a TV show?