Widescreen LCD monitor. 20"-24". Below $500. Recommend

Main use is gaming.


Well, I bought a 22" Westinghouse for $200 after Thanksgiving: great deal at that price. I also have a 20" Viewsonic (2035vm IIRC) and have used the 22" model as well: the 20" actually has better image quality, IMHO, but they’re roughly the same price, so the 22" may be a better deal if you’re not too fussy. I’ve also used a few Dells: no complaints about them.

The most recent issue of Maximum PC has a comparison of 20" widescreen monitors: I believe their top pick was a Samsung, but I forget which model.

Pay attention to sites like Tech Bargains to find yourself a good deal.

Costco sells the Viewsonic 22" VX2235wm and the 22" VX2245wm, which is the same except that it adds a subwoofer to the speakers, an iPod charging dock, and a built-in 4 port USB hub. I was raving about it in another thread. They are $329 and $379, I believe.

Both of these monitors are great (I passed the first one down to my wife when she needed a “new” monitor). Plus you can’t beat Costco’s return policy, should there be any problems.

The Dell 2007WFP (20" widescreen) is less than $500 US (it’s less than that CDN, so it has to be less than that US). I’d watch their site for a while and check for deals. I just picked up the 2407FPW (24" widescreen) from Dell to take the place of the 2005WFP as my primary display in a dual-display setup, and both the 24" and the 20" have run everything without a hitch. There’s only one thing I’d recommend with Dell, and that’s their displays.

Just saw this on GotApex

That’s a nice deal. I recently bought the 2007WFP and I like it a lot.

I’m running with a 22" Viewsonic CRT monitor and was thinking of switching over to LCD but I’m concerned about native resolution and older PC games. Let’s say I fire up Thief which doesn’t give me the option to select my monitor’s native resolution, will the game look like total ass?

If a game only has a preset list of resolutions, rather than picking from the list
offered by DirectX, you are screwed aspect-wise.

The monitor I have is an Acer 2216Wsd. Excellent monitor. They even claim it
has HDCP support, but I’m not likely to get a device to test it on for many years.

I just saw a very slick looking Samsung moniter at Circuit City; 24 or 23", glossy screen, “HD” protected content capable, 2ms speed, 3000:1 contrast ratio. I forgot what it was called though…


Maybe this? It looked a little bigger though… i don’t think this one was the same, though it was close…

The Samsung does NOT have 3000:1 ratio!

Reviewers have reported it’s “effectively” that when using a special “movie mode”.
Apart from that, they’re not bad, really. But I picked an Acer over a Samsung 22"
since I had the luxury of seeing them run the same scenes side by side.

Eh, that was all but a 10 second glance in the store :). I can’t even find good moniter reviews for some reason. There was some Slovakian (?) site but i’ve forgotten where it is or what it was called…

Been looking at that Samsung. The 2ms response time is very attractive, and the (actual) 1000:1 contrast ratio sure beats my current Dell 2005FPW’s of 600:1. Plus, I have some trust in Samsung’s products.

There was also this Sceptre 22". 1200:1, and includes an HDMI port(!). However, I’ve never heard of this company before, and, well, a lot of the customer reviews at Newegg have me turning away (no adjustable height stand?).

Any further suggestions?

I went with the Costco 22" VX2235wm Viewsonic deal and have been very pleased. Beautiful monitor.

So the ideal contrast ratio is close to 1000:1 where anything below that and it sucks?

This thread over at the AnandTech is a good place for info about LCD monitors.

I’m using this monitor right now, and I love it:

GREAT monitor for the price.

Those 2 ms monitors usually use some technology called GTG or something like that. I don’t think it’s a true speed; it’s faked somehow. I don’t know if that matters for gaming, but if you get a 5ms (regular) monitor, you shouldn’t have any problems anyway. I get no ghosting on mine.