Widescreen TV Stands

Ok, so I went and did it. I bought a 50’’ Sony LCD television, which should arrive in about a week and a half. My problem, however, is that I have nothing proper for it to sit on. While I love my current entertainment center, it’s 36’’ hole won’t fit my new behemoth. I need a proper stand and, if possible, I’d like it to take over for my current entertainment center.

Here’s why my current entertainment center rocks:

  1. It houses my stereo. This might be a slight problem. I’ll probably trim it down. The tape player is useless unless I need a history lesson. The CD jukebox is collecting dust, replaced by either my TIVO or music streamed from my Xbox 360. This should help but it still leaves a slightly monster receiver.

  2. It houses my game systems behind solid, closed doors. This is the big problem. I have 5 console systems below my current television (Xbox, Xbox 360, PS1, PS2, and Gamecube). This design allows me to hide everything about my hobby when I’m not actively gaming. This includes the systems themselves, some games, and the various controllers/headsets. The wife loves this setup. The fact my kids can ignore all this stuff is a wonderful plus.

My problem is that I can’t find a similar piece of furniture for my new TV. I’d like something that that closes up. If possible, it’d be great if some doors were glass (or just clear) so that I could retain control of my receiver. It’d be even better if I had some solid doors to hide the rest of my crap.

My window shopping has so far lead me to a bunch of open shelves which wouldn’t hide anything, including the incredible mess of cords normally found behind my TV.

What are folks using to house all their gaming/stereo equipment? Does anyone have similar wants/needs? Do folks use multiple cabinets for a similar result (e.g. stereo underneath, cabinets separate)?